Man Set On Fire As Violent Turmoil Sweeps Venezuela’s 50th Day Of Protest

The violence in Venezuela is growing ever more brutal as the country enters a 50th day of protest against the rule of president Nicolas Maduro.


A man was set alight during an anti-government rally in Caracas. 
Protesters claim the man was a thief and was doused in petrol and ignited.
The president said he was attacked because he was a ‘Chavista’ from the ruling Socialist Party. 
Mr Maduro went on television to denounce the attack: “We’ve never, ever seen a person set on fire here, like the way ISIL
terrorists do it in the Middle East. That a person was set on fire,
beaten up, they stabbed him four times. They hit him and nearly lynched
him, just because someone shouted out that he was a ‘Chavista’, or
because someone else shouted out that he was robbing them.”
The victim is now in hospital.
Scores of people have been killed in the protests. 
Venezuela is in full-blown crisis, food and medicine are in
short supply, looting and a break down of law and order is widespread.

The opposition accuse the government of attacking the democratic institutions and economic mismanagement.

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