Just In: Nigeria Airlifts First Batch Of Pilgrims To Saudi Arabia As Ondo Vaccinates Over 300 | The Precision


Nigeria’s first set of pilgrims to Saudi Arabia have been airlifted to the holy land today via the Nnamdi Azikwe Airport in Abuja, the nation’s capital city.


THE PRECISION reports that the picture above showed Nigerian pilgrims filing up for the inaugural flight airlifting them to Saudi Arabia earlier in the day. More pilgrims are expected to be airlifted in the coming days.
Meanwhile, over 300 intending pilgrims in Ondo state were today vaccinated and given their uniforms as well as other valuables needed for the smooth journey to Madinah and Makkah – Islam’s two holy sites of worship.
The pilgrimage to makkah is the fifth pillar in Islam for those that have the ability to do so. Most pilgrims from Nigeria often go through Madinah before going for the official hajj rites in Makkah.

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