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Chief Segun Adegoke
A Chieftain of the Pan-Yoruba Socio-cultural Organisation,  Afenifere,
Chief Segun Adegoke has expressed support for devolution of power in
Nigeria, stating that the move would help in entrenching true
federalism in the country.

notable politician also advised Nigeria’s President, Muhammadu Buhari to shun any attempt at promoting religious
discrimination in the country. 
Chief Adegoke made the statement in a press release made available to Journalists in his office in Ondo city on Tuesday while reacting to recent events in the country.
explained that the need for the nation to embark on devolution of
power has become imperative, in  order to promote equity, justice and fair play, stating that President Buhari would not have anything to lose
if he key into the request, as his name would not be forgotten  in
hurry after the completion of his tenure, but would be written on platter
of gold.
“Buhari should also note that there should be no further
discrimination between a Muslim and Christian or Catholic. If the Pope
can visit Buhari’s sick bed and Pastor Adeboye can do the same and the
Bishop of the Anglican communion did likewise. This is a food for
thought and change of attitude.
Nigerians who have their reasoning apparatus at the sole of their feet
will not know that there is discrimination against the south, more so,
the lopsided appointments tilt towards the North Muslims against the
Christians in the South and North”
Buhari having been cured by the prayers of the Christians and Muslims
should rethink, and give devolution of power a positive consideration.
He will have nothing to lose, instead his name will be written on
Platter of Gold. It will not divide Nigeria, and  Nigeria will still
remain as one.” He stated.
to the return of President Buhari to Nigeria, after one hundred and
five days medical trip to United Kingdom, the notable legal practitioner
said ” there is nothing special about the jubilation attendant upon his
arrival in the country after a long time. Anybody in position like
President Buhari will receive such jubilation after a long health
problem, this is a character that is common in Nigeria, Nigerians have
such a culture that they  always rejoice with those who rejoice, and
weep with those who weep.”
the late President Yar’adua had survived his health problems, the
jubilation would be ten folds.   One lesson President Buhari must learn
from this is that most of Nigerians are  kind well wishers, whenever any
leader is in bad health, even the Christian doctrine enjoined us to
pray for the sick” 

Source: The Precision

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