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The Nigerian Youth Parliament has called on the Federal and state
governments to begin to put measures in place to restructure Nigeria.

While briefing newsmen in Abuja on Monday, Mr Ayodele Obe, Secretary
General of the Parliament, made series of demands from the Federal and
state government as well as the National Assembly.
For the Federal Government, the group advised that the nation should
not shy away from restructuring as other nations around the World were
adjusting to realities.
The parliament called for immediate measures to tackle unemployment as millions of Nigerian youths remained unemployed.
“The ugly situation of unemployment seems to have been receiving little or no policy attention presently.
“Therefore, Parliament resolves that Federal Government of Nigeria
should declare state or emergency on the economic sector, meet every
policy statement targeting the recovery of our economy with the right
strategic actions, build youth capacity and create jobs.
“The presidency should declare state of emergency in the power,
Agriculture and science and Technology sectors. Consequently, the
ministers of these Ministries should sit up and meet every policy
statement with Action.
“There should be complete economic and political restructuring of the
country; giving the federating constituents the capacity to realise
their unique socio-economic and political potentials and grow their
“This is because no nation has ever grown a robust economy by sharing
national income as in the case of Nigeria, but by realising and
developing diverse areas of unique advantages.
“The Federal Government should open sincere dialogue with different
genuine groups clamoring for the restructuring of the country.
“That the outcome of the National Confab be fully implemented, as it
reflects the true opinions, consent and goodwill of every Nigerian.”
The group also called on the government to pay more attention to
youths at all level and made adequate budgetary provisions for them.
The group expressed displeasure at the spate of unguarded statements by some Nigerians.
The parliament therefore called on the National Assembly to enact
laws that will prescribe stringent punishment for persons who make such
unguarded comments.
The group warned all persons posing as youth groups to desist and to stop heating up the polity to favour certain persons.
They also called on the National Assembly to fulfill its statutory obligations and other promises made to the Youth Parliament.
“The 8th National Assembly should promulgate an Act that will
establish the punitive measures as deterrents to every hate speech that
will ridicule and destabilise the National Unity and cohesion.”
The group commended the National Assembly for passing amendments that
will grant autonomy to local governments and states assemblies as well
as reducing the age requirement to run for elective positions.
The Youth Parliament however called on the state governments and
their assemblies to follow suit by ensuring the laudable amendments are
passed in the respective states.
“That the State Houses of Assembly should as a matter of necessity
pass the ‘Not Too Young To Run Bill’ and the ‘Local Government Autonomy
Bill’ as passed by the National Assembly.
“Notably, the youth demography is watching with keen interest and
ready to adequately match our rhetoric with actions in ensuring that the
Bills blaze through.” Obe said.
The group further called on the Federal Government to declare a
National Youth Day for celebrating youths, and call for an urgent
meeting with youth stakeholders.
Other demands made of the Federal Government include: “That the
Federal government should convoke a National Youth Conference on
Security and peace building and that the presidency should remove the
National Youth Service Corps budget from the Youth budget.
“The presidency should as a matter of urgency commence the full
implementation of all treaties, agreements and consensus with any group.
“The Federal Government should adhere and comply with all court
rulings, judgments and injunctions, thereby doing away with
selectiveness in the compliance with any outcome of court process.
“This is to strengthen our nascent democracy, ensure good place for
rule of law, separation of powers and ensure checks and balances.”
The group finally called on political parties to strengthen the youth
wings of the parties or risk nationwide campaign with other youth
groups against such party.
The parliament vowed to do what is required to ensure the Unity, Progress and robust prosperity of Nigeria. 

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