Those Making Marginalisation Charges Want Political Appointment – Osinbajo | The Precision


Nigeria’s Acting President, Yemi Osinbajo says individuals making marginalisation charges are doing it to get political appointment.


Some prominent citizens have been calling for a restructuring of the country, citing the alleged marginalisation of their section of the country as a reason for the call.
Also, some groups in the south-east are demanding an independent state of Biafra on the allegation that the region has been neglected.
Speaking at a seminar of the Institute of Security Studies on Wednesday, the acting president said it was wrong to equate hate speech as freedom of expression, adding that “hate speech precedes tragedies in human history”.
“It is a false narrative that nations formed the way ours was formed is bound to fail. Term mere geographic expression is not original to Nigeria,” he said.
“It is also a false narrative one group is more corrupt than the other. Not so. If you look at a corruption charge sheet, there is unity you find all ethnic and religious groups equally represented in corruption. There’s complete unity in the business of corruption.
“It is also a false narrative that we are better off when ethnic groups are on their own. While different groups have strength we are better united.
“It is also not true that those who make marginalisation charges are altruistic. Often what they are saying is I am marginalised-‘appoint me’.”


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