Monkeypox Rumour: Send Children Back To School, Enugu Govt Begs Parents | The Precision

A hand with monkeypox infection
Enugu State Ministry of Education has appealed to parents to
send their wards back to school, assuring them that no unapproved
activities were carried out in any school.


The state commissioner for Education, Prof. Uche Eze, in a
statement on Friday, said that his ministry’s investigation revealed
that the monkeypox news had been found out to be untrue and unfounded.
“We are appealing to parents to do the needful by sending their wards and children back to school.
“The ministry had taken appropriate pro-active steps to
ensure that our schools are safe and no unauthorized and unapproved
activities are carried out in any school in the state.
“The ministry had strengthened its supervisory and
monitoring units with more hands as well as given them additional
mandates in order to keep a close eye on schools especially on
activities on-going in and around schools,” he assured.
On Wednesday, virtually all schools in South East abruptly
suspended academic activities over an unconfirmed rumour of vaccination
being administered on pupils in primary schools by soldiers.
It was alleged that some military personnel were forcing
people to engage in a free medical vaccination and were been injected
with monkeypox virus.
Parents in the state, especially in Enugu metropolis,
quickly withdrew their children and wards from schools as early as 10
a.m. that fateful day.
While some schools, which gates were locked with padlocks,
were forced open. Some of them had their gates damaged due to the
stampede to get the children out from schools.

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