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The young Aisha


The passing out parade of the Batch B stream II youth corps members is a
joyful thing for Qasim Akanmu serving in Ondo Town, Ondo state. But to
Aisha, a 10 year old Beninese housemaid, it will be the beginning of
another phase of harrowing experience without succor from her master,
one Mrs Sola Akinde who allegedly tortures the girl.

Qasim Akanmu is a youth corps member living in the Holy Trinity
Secondary School area of Ondo. The attention of our correspondent was drawn
to a little girl kneeling down for Qasim in appreciation of all what he
has done for her. The outgoing youth corps member when asked about the
girl, gave blow by blow account of how he has been of help to the little
foreigner in terms of food and money whenever she is been pushed out by
her master.

Not really convinced, Aisha who looked dejected with the departure of Mr
Qasim gave account of how she was being transffered from one place of
work to another after she was brought to Nigeria by her grandmother.

”I will rather commit suicide than to continue living here with this
woman. She beats me at will and even fights her husband every now and
then. For the past one week I’ve had no shoes on, she took my shoes away
from me. I slept outside the house yesterday in the midst of that heavy
rain. Whenever madam’s husband wants to give me food, he will beg me
not to let Madam know about it because it will lead to another
misunderstanding between them and that will mean more punishment for me”

The Akindes who live at No 38, Road, beside Holy Trinity Secondary school
in Ondo seems to be very comfortable with every amenities provided. But
to the chagrin of this reporter including neighbours, Aisha which was
renamed Bimbo had to fetch water not from the compound but in houses
away from theirs every day. This was also confirmed by a passer-by who
saw the child speaking with our correspondent thinking that we are relative of the little girl.

Aisha is another clear case of child labour and human trafficking. “I am
from Benin republic but was brought to Nigeria by my grandmother. At
first, I was taken to a village to work on farms, but I got to The
Akindes’ family through one woman known as Madam Gbagi in Ibadan. It was
that Madam Gbagi who brought me for the Akindes. Mrs Akinde beats me at
will and I sleep at the verandah most times. She is always at
loggerheads with her husband because the man is old”

When asked what would be her wish, Aisha was quick to answer that if
there is any way she can leave the house as soon as possible either
through the help of anyone or by someone running away, she will grab the
opportunity quick. 

All efforts to speak with Mrs Sola Akinde as at the
time of filing this report proved abortive.

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