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The slain Dog
The city of
Sacramento is offering a $12,000 reward for information about the person
or people who beat, shot, and hanged a puppy, in what animal control
officers are calling the worst case of animal abuse they’ve ever seen.

local resident discovered the 4-month-old dog’s body hanging from a
tree near a bike path in the California capital. Chief Animal Control
Officer Jase Huggins told KTXL that the puppy had sustained fractures
“from nose to tail” before being shot with a BB gun and hanged from her
He added that veterinarians had described the dog’s liver as looking “like hamburger meat”.
“It’s a horrific case. It’s probably the worst one I’ve seen since I’ve been here working for the city,” Mr Huggins said.
were concerned about the risk the abuser posed to other animals, and
even humans. Mr Huggins told the Sacramento Bee that research has linked
animal cruelty to other forms of violence, like child abuse and
domestic violence.
Officials initially offered a $7,000 reward for the identity of the perpetrator, but have since raised it to $12,000.

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have to catch this person … We have a really high concern when we see
this amount of violence perpetrated against a defenseless animal like
that,” Mr Huggins told KTXL. “That that person is capable of committing
violence against another person, another child and another animal.”
maiming, mutilation or torture of an animal in California can be
prosecuted as a felony, and is punishable by up to three years in jail
or a $20,000 fine. (Independent)

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