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Many things are said about the long-awaited moment in nine months. Look at the three hints that the time has indeed come. 

1. The contractions are bothering

Do not even bother! During gestation, especially at the end of the third trimester, training contractions or false contractions begin to occur. 

However, the contractions that indicate that it is really time to be born, or that the time is coming, bother to the point that Mom cannot walk or even talk.

In addition to differentiating the intensity of pain and discomfort, you can count the frequency of contractions. 

When the interval between contractions is five to seven minutes over a period of at least one hour, with intense intensity, you will be in labor.

Even if the pain of the contractions is strong and the frequency is intense, this does not mean that you need to run to the hospital. You must follow the guidance given by your obstetrician, respect your history and act calmly. 

2. The bag broke

It is important to say that in order to break the bag there need not be contractions. That said, the first sign that the pouch has broken is the loss of liquid, to a large or small extent, the loss is constant. 

Do not confuse with urinary incontinence, small urine leakage. This is very common at the end of gestation when the baby presses the bladder and ends up escaping urine. When the bag is broken, call your doctor.
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3. Changes in body and mood

These signs can show that the baby can arrive in 24 or 48 hours. Not as traditional as the two previous clues, these changes may mean the time has come. 

Be aware of your body and the signs it gives.

– Belly pain: the body already understands that the time is coming, so the intestine works to be emptied, soon comes the tummy aches and diarrhea.

– Low belly: when it is near the time of birth, the baby’s head falls on the pelvis, making it visible that the belly gave a little.

– Breathing better: the belly getting smaller because of the head that is already in the pelvis, the baby does not press mommy’s diaphragm anymore and then she breathes better.

– Energy spike: many women say that suddenly gives that desire to clean everything. What was just tiredness became the will to leave everything tidy. 

Another sign that soon, soon the baby will arrive. It is as if your mind already knew that the time is near and it would impel you to organize the pending giving you an injection of spirit. 
Despite the signs, make sure that you try as much as possible to always have your doctor on your call as that would enable you to know when to check in and have that dream protected baby. (Naija PR)

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