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The deceased 
By Fatima Muraina, Akure 
A local midwife referred to in Yoruba as Agbebi simply named Mama Dada has absconded from her residence as soon as her patient was certified dead after giving birth to a bouncing baby boy.


The incident occurred at Sholagbade street in Oshinle Quarters last week where both of them resided as neighbours .
The deceased, Mrs Chinyere Mary Samson, 36, who was buried at the weekend, off Board road in Oda town had a little daughter Joy of about four years old before her untimely death.
An eye witness, who narrated the incident to sympathisers narrated that Mrs Samson’s husband who was on a training course in Lagos made a phone call to her to assist his wife to the hospital who he said informed him through a call that she was in labour pains.
On getting to her house, the witness narrated that she urged mummy Joy (the deceased) as she was fondly called to get her baby’s box while she arrange for a cab to convey them to the hospital.
Mummy Joy, according to her, told her that she wanted to take her daughter to school before they leave for the hospital. The witness who’s house was just beside Mummy Joy left to come back after Joy might have gone to school.
On getting back, the witness said Mummy Joy had gone to Iya Agbebi’s apartment, saying that she had called her earlier to take the delivery.
The witness recounted that the Agbebi allegedly locked Mummy Joy in her apartment for several hours, refusing her access to the deceased, assuring of her safety and that they should pray for her.
According to the information gathered, Agbebi could no longer handle the situation and invited three other Agbebis, whom all locked themselves up with mummy Joy in the room before she was finally delivered of a baby boy in the afternoon .
The attention of a nearby Nurse was later called and at a time when the Mother-in-law also came on getting the information that her daughter in-law had given birth.
On knowing the health condition of Mummy Joy, the Nurse urgently advised that she should have been induced a particular injection to stop the bleeding and take her to the hospital immediately.
One of the Agbebis on ground claimed to have the said injection rushed home, injected the dying patient before they finally started rushing her to the hospital at a time she was managing to breath.
The eye witness said, she repeated her visits when she saw the Agbebi with the newly born baby and that the mother had being taken to the hospital.
On getting to the hospital, the witness said, saw Agbebi with the baby only to discover that mummy Joy had been certified dead.
According to the witness, as the doctors asked about the Agbebi who delivered the baby, the mother in-law urged her to collect the baby from the Agbebi who within a twinkle of an eye disappeared to the thin air.
Since the incident, the Agbebi has refused to surface.
The bereaved husband, Mr Bayo Samson could not comment on the situation but said that he has left everything in the hands of God.

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