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Corruption: Court Sends Former Brazilian President, Lula To Prison | The Precision

Ex-President Lula: expected to be in jail Friday
Brazil’s former president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, will begin his
12 year prison term from Friday, after a judge gave him 24 hours to
surrender to police.

The order from Judge Sergio Moro, head of Brazil’s huge “Car Wash”
anti-graft probe, came as a complete surprise given that lawyers had
earlier said the leftist former two-term president had at least until
Tuesday before he’d have to go behind bars.
Lula, 72, was once one of the most popular politicians on the planet
and he easily leads polls in Brazil’s October presidential
election. His incarceration will throw the race completely open.
Moro’s office said that in view of Lula’s stature as a former
president, he would have “the opportunity to present himself
voluntarily” to police in the city of Curitiba, where the “Car Wash”
probe is based, by 5:00 pm (2000 GMT) Friday.
There was no immediate reaction from Lula, who had been described earlier by supporters as facing his jailing calmly.
However, Senator Lindbergh Farias, from Lula’s Workers’ Party, issued
a defiant call for supporters to congregate in front of Lula’s house in
Sao Bernardo near Sao Paulo on Friday.
“Moro ordered prison for Lula. Everyone to Sao Bernardo tomorrow from 5:00 am in front of Lula’s house!” he tweeted.
Lula had been due to address a Workers’ Party rally in the city on
Friday afternoon, but that event would now coincide with Moro’s
surrender deadline.


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Lula petitioned to the Supreme Court on Thursday to be allowed to
remain free while pursuing appeals in higher courts against his
conviction for receiving a seaside apartment as a bribe from a
construction company. A lower court appeal failed this January.
However, the Supreme Court judges ruled 6-5 in a marathon session
that under the law, Lula must begin his sentence after having lost that
first appeal.
Still, it had been widely expected that with more technical appeals,
Lula would start his sentence only sometime next week at the earliest.
Brazil’s left is furious at the Supreme Court ruling, seeing Lula’s
imminent imprisonment as a plot to prevent the Workers’ Party from
returning to power. Party leader Gleisi Hoffmann said the court ruling
violated “constitutional law and the presumption of innocence” and made
Brazil “look like a little banana republic.”
However, there were celebrations on the right and among prosecutors
supporting the epic “Car Wash” probe, which has revealed high-level
corruption throughout Brazilian business and politics over the last four
To them, Lula epitomizes Brazil’s corruption-riddled elite. His
conviction on charges of accepting a seaside apartment as a bribe is
“Car Wash’s” biggest scalp by far.
Lula, who grew up poor and with little formal education before
becoming a trade union leader and politician, says he will go down


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Analysts say that his election hopes have now been dealt a body blow. But he is not necessarily knocked out.
In theory, once someone has been convicted and lost their lower court
appeal, they are barred from running for office under Brazil’s clean
slate law. But the issue will not be decided for months.
Lula has until mid-August to register his candidacy and only after
that will the Superior Electoral Tribunal rule on whether his candidacy
is valid. (NAN)


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