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  • Former Ondo SSG, Dr Adelola 

The place of creativity can never be hidden in the skills of exceptional personalities, as they always thrive to excel in almost every facet of human endeavour. 

In reference to this is another groundbreaking achievement by the former Secretary to the Ondo State Government, Dr. Aderotimi Adelola who just wrote and produced a new movie titled, “Kedere: No Hiding Place”. 
However, “Kedere: No Hiding Place” is the second movie to be produced by the Psychologist and accomplished technocrat, Dr. Aderotimi Adelola.
The first was “ORIOYE”, a demonstration of the magnetic influences of a transformational leader. Therein, a particular community king ‘s  tenure is usually 6 years after which he is expected to vacate the throne for another king. 
However in the case of ORIOYE his tenure elapsed and the entire community wanted him to continue to reign because of the benefits his reign brought to the community. ORIOYE refused the temptation of tenure elongation but agreed to help in headhunting a successor whose performance will match his own .
Kedere: No Hiding Place, on the other hand is an inspirational and thrilling movie that will hit the market soon. The movie parades several internationally recognised and established actors and actresses. It was  also directed by a renowned filmmaker, Adebayo Tijani and Sunday Osibata.
The writer of the movie, Dr. Aderotimi Adelola holds a Ph.D in Organizational Psychology from the University of Ibadan with diverse academic experience and had worked as a Psychological Test Administrator and Training Manager with several multinational companies, including the banking industry where he carved niche for himself.
He is also an author, a licensed Design Human Engineer and an expert in organizational dynamics and performance recalibration, who had facilitated numerous seminars and workshops on Creativity, Organizational Change, Strategic Thinking, Corporate Turnaround, Performance Improvement Planning and Execution, Team Building, Leading and Motivating, Business Process Improvement, Customer Service Excellence, Business Writing, Personal Enhancement, among others.

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