Stolen Mace: KOWA Party Condemns Attack On NASS, Charges Nigerians To Reject APC Impunity In 2019 | The Precision


In a strongly worded Press Statement released to the media on Wednesday April 18 at the Party’s headquarters in Abuja and signed by its national secretary, Comrade Mark Adebayo, KOWA Party has condemned the Senator Omo-Agege-led “premeditated attacks on the National Assembly”.


According to the Party,  “It is a reprehensible act of retrogressive malady for the hallowed chambers of the highest lawmaking organ of the country to be that easily overrun by miscreants and weirdos in the full glare of security agents without any inhibition whatsoever. It is a clear sign that nowhere and nobody is safe anywhere in the country anymore”.
The statement goes to say that “The cycle of aggravated insecurity in the country is now complete with this uncivilized act of brigandage allegedly orchestrated by a Senator of the Federal Republic against a Senate in session. This has once again demonstrated the incapacity of the APC-led government to effectively manage Nigeria’s security architecture”.
“This is a total failure of governance by the APC government. What happened today was a wholesale treasonable felony and a criminal onslaught against Nigeria’s democracy and people. All culprits involved in this macabre dance of the absurd must be apprehended and be subjected to the fullest force of law”.
The Party called on Nigerians to “change this change come 2019 in order to save Nigeria and her democracy from area boy brigands who have become accidental public servants without a clue as to the workings and purpose of government”.
The Party boasts that it has “the best corps of presidential aspirants in the country today who stand taller than all from any other Party in the country who have declared their presidential ambitions, including President Muhammadu Buhari”. 
“KOWA Party will give Nigerians the best presidential material ever in the history of this country. Vote KOWA all the way in 2019 and see a revolutionary transformation in all sectors of development and governance”.  

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