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Wole Akinjisola
CEO, FOTOAFRIKA, a 36 years old Photographer became a victim of stroke
on the 14 February of 2017 and he was initially rushed to a local
community hospital and was later referred to EKSUTH where he spent three
weeks and few days.

He was being managed in Ondo State Medical Village
at the Kidney Care Centre (KCC) under Dr Adejumo along side the physiotherapy
which was carried out by physiotherapy team. 
But earlier this year towards
the end of January, he began to have some new symptoms not reconciled
to the previous diagnosis with evidence of rapid breathing,shortness of
breath and tiredness which did not allow him to be able to carry out his
daily activity, he was though taken to KCC but was eventually being
managed in Ondo State Specialist Hospital.

Specifically on Feb 23
2018, he was said to have enlarged heart with mitral regurgitation which
conclusion was derived after an heart xray, Echo cardiography and ECG
and was being treated with the standard drugs but these symptoms
lingered as he was bed ridden for three weeks… We eventually took him
to OAUth 6th May 2018 and we were referred to Seventh Day Adventist
Hospital where another series of test was carried out and the below was
what the Echo cardiography test concluded: 
Patient has been diagnosed with findings in keeping with Dilated Cardiomyopathy (Ischaemic)…

The summary of the Echo test:
Eccentric left ventricular hypertrophy
Anterior inferior wall motion abnormality
Poor left ventricular systolic function
Dilated cardiac Chambers
Pulmonary hypertension

Doctors medical advice is that we prepare for surgery which is said to be within the estimate of 4 MILLION naira…

We solicit your financial support to save the life of our dear brother,
friend, husband and colleague by donating to the account below:

Account name: Akinjisola Oyewole F
Acc Num: 0130647976
Acc Bank: GTB

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