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The Imam of the mosque

A BBC Pidgin report has revealed the kindness of some Fulani and Muslims in Plateau State towards their neighbours Biroms as one Imam among them was said to have saved the lives of Christians from being killed by the acclaimed “herdsmen” killers when they invaded the Plateau village during the last attack.  This report has been presented to our increasing readers verbatim as follows:

The mosque where over 200 people were kept from the ‘killer’ herdsmen

Wen one Imam see many pipo run dey enta im village for Nghar Yelwa for Plateau State on Sunday, im no think am two times before im open im door to receive dem.

Di pipo wey dey run na from neighbouring village for Barkin Ladi local goment area, wia suspected herdsmen bin don enta to destroy and kill. Di state Govnor simon Lalong, say more than 200 pipo die for di attack, but according to wetin di villagers tok, those wey dem say die pass 200.
“I first carry di women enta my personal house go hide dem dia, den I come cari di men enta di mosque go hide.” Na wetin im tell BBC Pidgin tori pesin Dooshima Abu.
Di total number of pipo wey di Imam hide both for im house and inside di mosque, na 262.

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Many of di Berom pipo from Barkin Ladi wey escape and including some Muslim wey bin leave for di area run to di nearest village wey be Nghar Yelwa for safety.
But before you know, di armed men come meet di Imam wey get mind, say make e surrender those wey be Christians make dem kill dem, but im no gree.
Im lie give dem say all di pipo wey dey di mosque na Muslims. Na so e lie for ground and beg di pipo make dem go.
Dis na how some Beroms for di village cari survive di attack.
Now wey dem no get house, di mosque na dia home as dem still dey live dia.
Years back, di Muslim community bin dey look for land to build dia mosque, and di Berom pipo bin give dem land for free, to take build.

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