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A Nigerian court on Friday released a journalist on bail after he was arrested following the publication of an article that cited a confidential letter from the chief of police, the reporter’s newspaper said.


The story, covered by various Nigerian media outlets, disclosed a letter from national police chief Ibrahim Idris to Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, the Premium Times said.

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The newspaper said reporter Samuel Ogundipe was arrested on Tuesday for refusing to reveal the source of the letter, which identified who was blamed for a blockade on the national assembly last week by members of the Department of State Security.
Opposition lawmakers said the blockade was an attempt to intimidate its leaders but the presidency condemned the move and the acting president fired the head of the security agency.
“Mr Ogundipe was released on Friday morning after he was granted bail,” said the newspaper in a tweet, adding that his case had been heard a magistrate’s court in the capital, Abuja.
The newspaper did not state when the next court hearing would take place.

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Nigerian police said on Thursday Ogundipe was being prosecuted in relation to “theft and unlawful possession of restricted and classified documents” capable of compromising state security.

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It said the charges against him were related to the official secret act and a cyber crime act. (Reuters)

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