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Is Nigeria The Sex-For-Marks Capital Of The World? By Kayode Crown


Nothing aggravates the mind like females becoming sexual prey to lecturers in the Universities and other higher institutions in the country.

For no fault of theirs, just for seeking to better themselves as sponsored by their parents, they encounter predatory lecturers, who say they will not move on if they don’t sleep with them.

They constitute themselves into a rock of offence and a mountain before the young impressionable ones, who may be too scared of the power wielded by the damned lecturers to put up much of a resistance rather ruing their ill luck and probably carrying the shame of the forced sexual encounter to their graves.

There are tales of lecturers boasting among themselves and ticking off the number of female students they have bedded, and they carry on with such impunity because those higher up that should have called them to order and wield the big stick against them are the ones who mentored the younger ones in sexual predation.

Now that a former Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) lecturer, Richard Akindele, has today been sentenced to two years in prison for demanding sex for marks from a student, Monica Osagie, the rooster has come home to roost for that randy lecturer, who had the ill fortune of having his voice recorded by the student.

But this is even less than the tip of the iceberg. From all indications, sexual predation among lecturers like cultism is a sub-culture in our higher institutions.

Female students would inundate those who care to listen about the numerous evil acts of sexual nature of the lecturers employed to nurture those young ones.

It has become part of our higher institutions’ social topography.

But it’s an evil that needs to stop. What if it’s your daughter? These lecturers need to ask themselves that question. But they are too far gone in error to care and with conscience seared.

One hope the jail term slammed on the OAU lecturer after he pleaded guilty would start to clear the Aegean stable of sexual predation on our campuses.

The trial judge, Justice Maureen Onyetenu, said that it was important for someone to be made a scapegoat so as not to allow the issue of sexual harassment in the tertiary institutions to continue.

She has done the right thing, because, as the Bible says, once judgment is not meted out, people become more hardened to do more evil.


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