Why I Want To Become Nigeria’s President – Sowore



The presidential candidate of the African Action Congress (AAC), Mr Omoyele Sowore says he has decided to contest for presidency in 2019 because he believes the problems of the country can only be solved at the top.

Sowore stated this in an interview on Roadmap 2019, a Channels Television’s special political programme which airs Mondays.

“When a country is rotten, you cannot fix it by going to the local government,” he said.

“When nations have problems that are created at the very top, you solve them by starting at the very top.”

Sowore stressed the role of a president in the nation’s political system, as well as in the lives of the people as it relates to their well-being.

With less than two months to the general elections, he explained that this was one of the major reasons he was seeking to be president and not into any other political office.

The AAC candidate said, “If you want to make an impact or when nations are looking for people to change their countries, they look for people who are the best to start at the top because the top is the most important part of a political system.”

“The president of a country is the most important character in a political environment like ours. I have never been disengaged from politics; I’ve just not been playing partisan politics.”

Weak Borders?

Sowore said he partook in every political development that has happened in the country in the last 30 years.

He, however, decried the present state of the nation’s borders and faulted the current situation in the power sector.

following his recent visit to Zamfara State, the presidential candidate said, “It will be appropriate to claim that a border is porous if there is a border at all; I don’t even think there are mark stones erected anywhere to mark the border.”

“There is nothing that prevents anybody from coming into Nigeria through Zamfara State, even if you have with you a WMD – Weapon of Mass Destruction; nobody will stop you and you can pass through any of the borders,” he claimed.

“So, we don’t have borders. It will be an oxymoron to claim that our borders are porous.”

On power, Sowore said there was a need for an industrial level supply of electricity in which industries can rely on the national or regional grids for their operations.

He insisted that the challenges in the areas of security, education, health, and agriculture would remain unless the issue of power supply was completely addressed.

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