Sowore Must Not Die – Family, Group Cry Out

File photo: Sowore in Court

The family of embattled Omoyele Sowore has expressed deep concern over state of health of their son.

According to a statement jointly signed by Deacon S.M Omoyeni, Olusegun Sowore and Robert Sowore, the Publisher of Sahara reporters was allegedly ‘ injected’ with an unknown substance and beaten by one of the prosecuting counsel.

This development, they said happened in the presence of the Department of State Security Service(DSS) inside the Federal High Courtroom, where he had been summoned for hearing of a suit.

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Sowore’s family said “We are seriously worried when this assault happened openly inside the courtroom, a court which is the last hope of the masses.

“Who knows what they might have done to him now that has been in their custody for months. Everybody can see now that President Muhammadu Buhari and the DSS wanted to kill our son”.

The aggrieved Sowore’s family appealed to all well-meaning Nigerians, Nigeria Bar Association (NBA), National Assembly and International Communities to rescue safeguard their son.

Meanwhile, Ondo South Advancement and Consultative Welfare Association (OSAWA) said they are aware of the perfected plan to silence Omoyele Sowore in a well orchestrated sinister coup allegation.

The group through its Chief Press Secretary, Ogungbemi Adeyemi in a statement said,

“Not minding the barrage of falsehood peddled by the Nigerian government and DSS headquarters, we want to put the whole world in the know that there are plans to kill our son. Without being jittery of possible invite, all actions and inactions of the SSS are pointer to the fact that Sowore isn’t safe in their haven. The rights of every man are diminished when the rights of one man are threatened and to deny people their human rights is to challenge their very humanity. If Sowore fundamental human right is trampled upon like an outcast, that means we all are not safe.

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“We from Ondo South senatorial district declare that human rights are for all of us, all the time: whoever we are and wherever we are from; no matter our class, our opinions, our social orientation. We say a right delayed is a right denied. When you deprive us of our right to live in dignity, to hope for a better future, to have control over our lives, when you deprive us of that choice, then you expect us to fight for these rights. If the needful is not done, I think we shall stand shoulder to shoulder with the security apparatchiks of the FG.

“Sowore deserves his temporary freedom. We, Ondo South and by extension other Nigerians whose rights have been alienated need freedom. Freedom, we believe should be the supremacy of human rights everywhere. Our support goes to those who struggle to gain those rights or keep them for us especially our son who is suspiciously awaiting the hanger noose. Our strength is our unity of purpose. To that high concept there can be no end save victory.

“On this note, we give the DSS a fourteen days ultimatum to tow the path of honour by giving utmost regards to the rule of law or else they will face the wrath of the land. Any attempt to have our son killed shall be resisted, the group said.

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