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    Opinion: The Freedom Of SLS By Aliyu Tilde

    Dr Aliyu Usman Tilde, Bauchi state Commissioner for Education

    I am surprised that it took so long…six years … living his age long dream. Nevertheless, his speech says everything. Matters have limits. The limit if his throne has come. Alhamdulillah. He left it hail and hearty.

    May Allah guide and protect the new Emir. May he lead them to stability, justice and righteousness.

    H. E., however, needs a rethink on exiling SLS in view of recent judicial precedent. Yes. H. E., Dr. Abdullahi Ganduje is a Governor, like Lord Lugard and our military governors before. They dethroned quite a number of Emirs and sent them to exile. The difference is that Ganduje is a governor under a constitution that guarantees fundamental human rights. If he can exercise his power of dethronement, he must fulfill his promise to uphold the constitution. A PhD does not need the courts to tell him that.

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    SLS does not need to wait long before invoking his fundamental human rights to freedom of movement, speech, etc. Our constitution is clear on this. The judicial precedent is also clear.

    He has no reason to remain in Loko. His family, friends and lawyers can win him this right away as he remains incommunicado.

    One of the gains of democracy is that once an emir is dethroned today, he should be free to breathe the air of freedom, stay where he like, go to places of his choice and express himself like any other free Nigerian. This is the minimum that Kano State Government must guarantee Muhammadu Sanusi II.

    Dr. Aliyu U. Tilde writes from Bauchi state.

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