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    Breaking: Positive Moon Sighting Witness In Nigeria, Fasting Starts On Friday


    There is a positive moon sighting in Nigeria and as such fasting will commence tomorrow (Friday) in the country.

    Reports gathered by The Precision NG from sources closed to the Sultan of Sokoto, Saad Abubakar indicate that “few positive results” were received by the committee members saddled with the duty of compiling and verifying information from field officers who have set out to search for the new moon.

    Confirming the positive sighting, a member of the National Moonsighting Committee, Simwal Jibril tweeted, “Few positive results, compilation and verification still going on. His Eminence will make a formal announcement later inshaallah”.

    In Islam, the new moon signifies the beginning and the end of a new month and the month of fasting – Ramadan is not always an exception.


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