Why I Want To Become Ondo Next Governor – Bode Ayorinde

Hon. Dr Bode Ayorinde


A former aspirant for the governorship position in Ondo state under the All Progressives Congress (APC), Hon. Dr Bode Ayorinde says he is re-contesting the position of governor in the October, 2020 election in the state.

Dr Ayorinde who will be contesting under the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) stated this in a statement he personally signed on Sunday April 5 to declare his ambition.

He said is only morally right for other aspirants in the PDP to support him in order to complete the 8-year tenure the people of the state bequeathed the northern district when they voted for Akeredolu in 2016.

According to Ayorinde, he is prepared to spend only 4 years by signing a written document with the party leaders if given the PDP ticket and eventually emerged victorious at the guber poll.

Dr Ayorinde who is the founder of Achievers University in Owo had represented the people of Owo-Ose federal constituency between 2015 and 2019 at the National Assembly in Abuja.

The legal practitioner affirmed that his main manifesto is to embark on radical industrialisation of the State.

Read below his full declaration statement:

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Fellow Citizens of Ondo State,

1. You will recall that I, *Hon. Dr. Bode Ayorinde*, was a frontline Governorship Aspirant in 2016 under the All Progressive Congress(APC). Eventually, Mr. Oluwarotimi Akeredolu, SAN (Aketi) won the election. In a way, that momentarily put to rest my hope to govern Ondo State since we cannot all be Governors at the same time.

2. Naturally, many hopes will definitely be subsumed with the success of one. In view of this reality, I moved very close to Aketi so as to join him to move Ondo State forward

3. Unfortunately, this gesture of mine, driven by noble intentions, were repelled and I was practically chased out of the All Progressives Congress (APC) by Aketi Team. I visited Aketi four times to plead with him to be magnanimous in victory and tolerant of all of us that contested with him during the primary election. I even wrote a letter to him, titled *”For the Record”*. All efforts to make him the Governor of all, in Ondo State rather than Governor of Aketi Team failed.

4. One thing led to another and God guided my footsteps to join the famous *R-APC* and eventually, I moved to *PDP*

5. Present realities in the State and emerging facts have now rekindled my genuine concern that achieving a great and prosperous Ondo State is a task that must be accomplished.

6. A few people had equally asked me whether an Owo man can *succeed* Aketi as Governor. My answer has been emphatic *NO*, but that it is only fair and just for an Owo man to *complete* the expected tenure of office. Therefore, my honest intention is to *complete* the term due to Owo through the mandate of the good people of Ondo State and I am prepared to give our Leaders in PDP, a written undertaking to that effect.

7. Ondo State, the 5th amongst the nine oil producing States in the Federation deserves better leadership. With few amendments, I will reproduce my “Growth Agenda” used in 2016 to guide this *Hope Alive 2020 mission*.

8. Given the opportunity to serve, my mission is to industrialise Ondo State, create wealth and provide gainful employment for our teeming citizens. That has been my concern, my consistent sermon and my mission in government. So, 1st on my priority list is Industrialisation, 2nd is Industrialisation, and the 3rd is Industrialisation. Seek yea the kingdom of God first, all other things shall follow. If we are able to Industrialise Ondo State, thereby creating wealth and jobs, all other infrastructure will definitely be achieved in record time. We can do it and be self sufficient rather than continue to depend on Abuja allocations before we can pay salaries.

9. I must acknowledge the fact that many of the aspirants from Ondo Central and Ondo South are eminently qualified to govern the state. However, they must be appealed to, to allow us finish our two terms in Ondo North. It is expected, reasonably too, that when power shifts to their districts, they would be allowed to complete their terms. Very logical and desirable to so think and act.

10. It is therefore with a high sense of responsibility and very strong determination that I present myself as an aspirant for the 2020 Governorship Election in our dear sunshine state.

11. This decision was reached after a very wide consultation coupled with strong conviction that I can make a positive difference. After 44 years of its creation, Ondo State must stop crawling. It must stand right and be counted amongst self sufficient states in Nigeria.

12. As I present myself for genuine service with the fear of God, I appeal to all indigenes and residents of Ondo State to stand by me towards rebuilding our dear sunshine state. So help me God.

*Hon. Dr. Bode Ayorinde*
Governorship Aspirant, Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).
Ondo State, Nigeria.

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