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Our Stand On Ondo LG Poll – PDP


The PDP Situation Room Reports from across the eighteen Local Governments Areas of the State have proven that the PDP was very right to have boycotted the charade called Local Government elections. It was an exercise marked with shameless impunity, unpardonable brigandage and violence.

Twenty four hours before the election, APC thugs unleashed violence on opposition parties in Ondo town, Idanre and Owo that attempted to participate in the Election. In thousands of polling units, neither voting materials nor ODIEC personnel were seen at about noon on election day. Where they were seen, ballot papers were in short supply.

We have been vindicated by all the actions of ODIEC and its Pay Masters as incapable of conducting free and fair elections. They should go ahead and announce the Election Results as previously compiled in all the Wards and Local Government Areas.

ODIEC has not only failed the people of Ondo State. It should be disbanded as a matter of urgency, because their outing is not only a sham but shameful.

Kennedy Ikantu Peretei.
State Publicity Secretary, PDP, Ondo State.

22nd August, 2020.


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