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Op-Ed: Six Things Ondo Gov Candidates Should Address During Campaigns By HRH Moyinoluwa Falowo


To the foremost contestants in the forthcoming Ondo Gubernatorial Election.

I congratulate you all for victory in your different party primary elections. It shows the level of confidence your individual parties have in you on your capacity to deliver and represent the party at the polls. I respect your interest to serve Ondo State people.

I wish we could have a different system of campaign this time around. One that borders around show of capability, intelligence, strength, vision, leadership ability and acceptance among the people.

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As you start your campaigns, please bear in mind to address the following during your campaigns:

1. Kindly help us know you better by telling where you are coming from? In what way have you served the interest of Ondo people on previous leadership platforms or in the course of your career/business?

2. Tell us what you have in store for us if you win by practicing issue based campaigns.

3. Let us know your opinion on certain governance issues and what you hope to do better.

4. Tell us the problems you’ve identified in Ondo State and practical ways you hope to solve them.

5. Let us know your ideologies on some societal issues like youth participation, gender balance, corruption, relationship with the State Assembly and Judiciary, etc

6. On electoral process, are you for free and fair process? What do you think about hate and provocative speeches, votes buying, rigging and other actions that could incite violence? In what way do you and your party hope to avoid such?

I wish you all the best in your endeavours. May God prosper your dreams and pick from among you the man that will serve His interest and prosper Ondo State most.

HRH. Moyinoluwa Olubunmi Falowo is the Regent of Ibulesoro Kingdom Ifedore LGA, Ondo State


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