Group Identifies Ways To Achieve A New Nigeria


The Good Governance Movement (GGM) in Nigeria has advocated for ways to achieving a new Nigeria.

The group had on Thursday, 29th of October 2020 engaged her members in a discourse that further gave more insightful approach to governance and a way-forward to actualising the Nigeria of our dream.

The 3-hour discourse, which was conducted on the GGM’s telegram platform focused on the ‘Structural Outlook of the new Nigeria project’.

Speakers on the platform made the following submissions:

  1. The Need for a new Nigeria:
    The meeting agreed on the need for a new and progressive Nigeria, where everyone can achieve to the best, in safety, justice and to achieve maximum potentials.
  2. Why we need a new Nigeria:
    Nigeria ought to be a heaven, instead of the current situation of hell on Earth.
  3. Why is restructuring the most important way forward?
    The meeting noted that restructuring is a necessity now and return to regional system of government is essential as it were at independence in view of massive corruption, Nepotism and mismanagement of national resources, which has resulted in current hopeless experience of most Nigerians and to avert war and fustall imminent massive attacks on political class across the country.
  4. Are we sure restructuring is the right demand?
    The meeting noted that restructuring along geographical location will aid self determination, healthy competition and accelerate development across the country. This vital now that it is obvious that amalgamation has failed to provide the needed unity and development.
  5. Nature of the restructuring demanded:
    a. The present six zones should be converted to regions.
    b. True Federalism within and across the regions instead of the current unitary system.
    c. State and local government should remain within the regions, while new ones could be created to aid development.
  6. Assuming we restructure now should current elected officials leave office before the end of their tenure?
    Elected officials should be allowed to serve out their tenure in office. However, the new constitution will dictate the timeline for their exit.
  7. Movement from one region to another:
    a. National/ International passport to be stamped
    b. Other regional security measures to guide against criminal elements moving across regions.
  8. Productivity and wealth Creation across regions:
    there should be more attention towards skill acquisition and technical know-how.
    Youth should be engaged meaningfully by tapping into their potentials. There should be regional and state collaboration to get all youths in the entire country engaged in productive activities.
    Where a citizen has no job and the state cannot get him productive, there should be sustainace allowance for such individual.
  9. Do we need to change language of instructions to mother’s tongue?
    Change of our language to mother’s tongue will be a helpful tool for development.
  10. What will be the rules of engagement from Federal to Regions:
    indirect rules from Federal to Regions and collaboration between regions, and states within regions.
  11. How do we ensure the international strength of Nigeria is not compromised: the Army, Air force, Navy, Customs and foreign affairs should be controlled by each region should contribute forces for national strength.

Deji Adebayo, Director of Media and Publicity of the group hoped that the above submissions from members of the GGM would help to accomplish the desire goal for a truly progressive Nigeria.

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