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Maryland Couple, Aged 100 And 98 Beat Covid-19 Ahead 73rd Wedding Anniversary


A Maryland couple has beaten all odds to overcome the coronavirus.

Joe Levin is 98. His wife, Betty, is 100, and are both recovering after being diagnosed with COVID-19 several weeks ago.

The couple, looking forward to their 73rd wedding anniversary are now at a rehabilitation center for physical therapy after spending three weeks in separate hospitals with COVID-19.

“It’s a miracle that they survived,” Mark Levin said about his parents, 100-year-old Betty and 98-year-old Joe Levin.

The couple had high fevers and respiratory problems and tested positive for COVID-19.

“I was shocked,” Mark said. “It was a gut punch.”

Medics picked up the couple from their Silver Spring apartment building three weeks ago.

“To see them deteriorate so quickly and have to be rushed to the hospital was devastating,” Mark said.

Betty was taken to Holy Cross Hospital, and Joe was taken to Suburban Hospital, where he was in intensive care for a few days.

“Two separate hospitals because they couldn’t be together,” Mark said.

After three weeks, doctors released them a couple days ago.

“It’s unbelievable,” Mark’s wife, Alicia, said. “It’s a miracle.”

“What are the odds of a 100-year-old and a 98-year-old surviving this insidious disease?” Mark said.

“I think we’re going to win against the disease, both of us,” Joe said.

Mark and Alicia thank the doctors and nurses at Suburban and Holy Cross this holiday season.

“We have something even better to celebrate, the survival — and hopefully moving forward — of our parents,” Mark said.

Joe and Betty will have physical therapy for weeks here at the rehabilitation center. They want to be strong and healthy when they celebrate their 73rd wedding anniversary next month.

The Levins said they don’t know how they contracted the virus and were being very careful.

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