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Trump Pardons 100 Convicts A Day To Biden’s Swearing-in


Outgoing US president Donald Trump is preparing to issue between 50 and 100 commutations and pardons this week.

Rapper Lil Wayne is reportedly on the list, Fox News reports.

The pardons are one of several items Trump must complete before his presidency ends in days. White House officials also still have executive orders prepared, and the President is still hopeful to declassify information related to the Russia probe before he leaves office.

Analysts however believed that with a waning number of administration officials still in jobs, the likelihood that any of it gets done seemed to be shrinking.

CNN reports that Trump is still receiving multiple streams of recommendations on pardons from those advisers who remain at the White House, as well as people outside the building who have been lobbying for months for themselves or their clients.

The expectation among allies is that Trump will issue pardons that he could benefit from post presidency.

“Everything is a transaction. He likes pardons because it is unilateral. And he likes doing favors for people he thinks will owe him,” one source familiar with the matter said.

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