TECNO Launches HiOS 8.0 With Biggest Design Change In History



TECNO has announced its newest HiOS 8.0 operating system, packed with an enormous breath of new features with unique capabilities designed for the ultimate user experience. The new HiOS update will overhaul a number of major aspects, including the infrastructure of software operating system, user experience, security and privacy, gaming and more. The full details of HiOS 8.0 have been unveiled with an online event on Oct. 15 at 8pm GMT+1, during which the inclusive and customizable design, rich features and strong performance of HiOS 8.0 have been disclosed.

New level of UI customization to unleash user’s personality
HiOS 8.0 offers an unprecedented level of UI customization to help users unleash their imagination and personalize their experience. HiOS 8.0 has included the biggest design change in history of HiOS so far. There’s a major revamp of the entire experience, from the colors to the shapes, light and motion. Thus HiOS 8.0 is becoming more expressive, dynamic and personalized than ever before. Integrated with comfortable Cosmic Blue, HiOS 8.0 conveys styles with technical and tender emotion by richly-designed icons, lively wallpapers and vivid interactions. This latest upgrade also features a unique Always-On Display that provides users with key information about notifications and messages, dates, turn-off patterns, clock etc.

HiOS 8.0 makes efficiency a breeze with a new design for the notification bar and control center, purposefully re-imagined to help users get things done faster and smoother. The new HiOS optimizes the touch response speed, improving system fluency that gives unparalleled smoothness to make users flow with ease and have an easy control of their device. A new Real-time Weather Broadcast is designed to give users the feeling of bringing the weather into their living rooms with interactive visual effects of the current weather.

A heightened focus on user security and privacy
The latest HiOS 8.0 features Za-Hooc 2.0 high-security privacy solutions, which leads in data security capabilities and privacy protection technology to build a strong and safe privacy ecosystem. From all levels of “core-device-cloud”, it generates a comprehensive security system to protect users’ privacy and security. Peek Proof blurs out a certain part of the screen and focuses on just a smaller part to prevent unwarranted spying. Vault prevents users’ information from being leaked by encrypting data. Users can keep their files, media and apps secured behind a user-specific password. Anti-theft alert users when there’s a likelihood of theft of the device. When turned on, the alert will be triggered if charging is interrupted. And it can be stopped by unlocking the phone.

HiOS 8.0 further envelopes users with a sense of security by giving more granular control over app permissions to help better manage how and when apps access information. For instance, users can now choose to grant permissions to apps only once or only while you’re using them. Permissions will be revoked once you’re done using an app. For apps that haven’t clarified the use of permissions, the “Always Allow” option will not be provided.
HiOS 8.0 also helps users keep tracking app behaviors. Users can view a record of how an app behaves on their device, the information it collects, the other applications it uses, etc. all in one place. Users will also get a clear reminder on the top of your phone screens when a sensitive permission, such as your location, is being used by an app.

Greater efficiency for work and life
HiOS 8.0 is equipped with robust features that improve work and life efficiency. Among them is the Smart Cards powered by AI OS system service which makes life far more well-organized. Smart Cards in the Zeroboard will remind users of important dates and make sure they keep tracking of what is prioritized. Whether it is important dates, business trips or meetings, flight information, birthday dates, users won’t have to manually set reminders anymore. If users are traveling, HiOS 8.0 will be with them by sending reminders from the moment of booking air tickets till taking the flight.

Additional features
Video Editor: HiOS 8.0 has introduced a sophisticated Video Editor in the AI Gallery app for users to have more fun and create cinematic films effortlessly. The video editor provides handy features that allow users to manipulate videos and create visual masterpieces, without the need to install any third-party applications. The editor includes default templates to help users edit videos with a single tap, support for adding purposely composed music, the ability to stitch multiple clips together and control their playback speed individually, and more. It also includes the functionality to crop clips, reverse playback, and also add filters and soundtracks to the video. A handy timeline right beneath the tools to help users easily scrub through the video is also added.
Visha Player: The all new Visha player allows users to binge watch and chat side by side with floating play function. Users can keep up with their favorite shows while updating their friends scene-by-scene via chat without missing a beat. Users can multi-task easily and customize their playback experience as they like without interruption. Visha Player also allows users to browse all their Local Videos and Play status Videos and Movies without any Ads. Users can also play videos in the background and manipulate the Playback as they desire.
Film Album: HiOS 8.0 provides an effortless way to turn photos and memories into a video with stylish transitions and music for any occasion. With the Pic Film feature, users only have to select a few photos, and then a blockbuster will be provided in their hands. Creating an unforgettable gift for a special person in your life has never been so easy.
Voice Changer: Voice Changer allows users to add more fun during chatting by disguising their voice with different ages and genders. It supports many effects. Users can change their voice as if a woman, man, girl, or boy is talking in an instant, which would make chat calls much more fun and interesting.
Phone Cloner: Another highly useful feature on HiOS 8.0 that makes users life easier is the Phone Cloner. Just like it’s name, this feature allows users to transfer everything in their old TECNO phone to their new one as speedily and hassle-free as possible with a few simple clicks. No matter they are contact details and chat history or important files, all the things that users care about will be cloned to their new phone without breaking a sweat or using internet data.
Document Correction: With its built-in document manager, TECNO has introduced Document auto-rotate manager with HiOS 8.0 to push the paperless revolution. Have you taken pictures of important documents, but the position and angles are all bent out of shape? Document correction uses perspective correction and page edge detection technology to auto course-correct your documents and adjust it for easier and correct viewing.

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