The Economic Difference Tola Emmanuel Awosika (TEA) Will Bring To Ondo Central



The best way to create jobs for the teeming youths, women and adults in Ondo Central senatorial district is to attract investors and create the good ambiance for businesses to thrive. Definitely beyond lawmaking, a legislator like Dr. Tola Emmanuel Awosika will use his influence to improve the economic status of the senatorial district through his wealth of experience in the private sector.

Dr. Tola Emmanuel Awosika is actually the best bet for us, as we have tested senators in recent time with little or no impact on improving the polity. It is important for us to get it right this time.

Dr. Tola Emmanuel Awosika has a good working relationship with industry players in the private and public sectors. These are people he will leverage on to invest massively in agriculture business, tech, recycling and sustainable entrepreneurship, thus creating over 500 jobs in his first 90 days in office.

In truism, Dr. Tola Emmanuel Awosika understands how the business cycle works, hence meeting with Aliko Dangote was not just a sheer courtesy visit but for even far greater purpose that will suit the Ondo Central people in the area of creation of wealth and job opportunities. Consequently, and for lack of better words, quality legislation, rural development, improved health care, human capacity development and just as important, jobs creation for the teeming populace are a few amongst the difference TEA will bring to the table.

Perhaps it won’t be inappropriate if the people put their trust in him unflinchingly. This is about us, our children and the future of the present generation.

A support for TEA is a support for ECONOMIC GROWTH.


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