Why Deji Of Akure’s Installation Of Olus Might Lead To Crisis – Ogbesetore



The Executive Chairman of Akure North Local Government, Hon. Bankole Ogbesetore has written a petition to the Ondo State Government through the Office of the State Deputy Governor over continuous and unabated controversies over Olus and Baales, and the imminent crisis in some parts of Akure North local government area orchestrated by His Royal Majesty The Deji Of Akure, Oba Aladetoyinbo Aladelusi Ogunlade.

In a copy of the letter made available to newsmen in Akure, Hon Ogbesetore pointed out that the latest of such Deji’s alleged illegal installation of Olus in Akure North was the recent attempt and installation of some illegal Olus where there was no vacant stools.

The Council Chairman said, “Olu of Kajola at Ehin Ala where the Deji of Akure equally Installed Mr. Alaba Owoyemi to cause crisis by going beyond his jurisdiction.

“OIu Abusoro at Odudu where the Deji of Akure also Installed Mr. Oluyimide Adeniyi Afe.

“Olu Odegede, Mr. Sehinde Adeseye was Installed by the Deji of Akure contrary to the Installation of the Oluship, thereby causing serious crisis that led to destruction of lives and properties.”

The Chairman noted that, “Sir, the recent and imminent crisis call for your urgent and prompt intervention. Akure North Local Government was informed through the letter of Emmanuel Emodamori Esq of Femi Emmanuel Emodomon & CO; Lawyer to the Chieftaincy Commttee of Akure North Local Government about the continuous and unabated attempt of the Deji of Akure to Install another rival OIu of Ilado-lgbatoro.

“It may surprise you to note that the stool of Olu Ilado Igbatoro is not vacant as there is an Installed Olu over 34 years ago, many years before the installation of the present Deji of Akure. The present action or anticipated action of the Deji of Akure would cause another was or set We on Akure North Local Government and its environs, Sir this must be resisted before a blink of an eye.

Ogbesetore called on the state government to arrest the troubling and worrisome moment and Security operatives as well as the Deputy Governor to use all their power to stop and avert this imminent crisis.

The Council Chairman pleaded that, “I am sincerely pleading with your good office to treat the above prayers with utmost attention, so that the people of Akure North Local Government can experience peace again without any anxiety, Infiltration or oppression from any quarters.”

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