Bola Ahmed Tinubu: What Nigeria Electorate Need To Know By Gbenga Falana



As a Physical Therapist, proud Nigeria/American, I attribute all my success in life to God, my mother for her sacrifice and to Nigeria government for the free tuition education I enjoyed that earned me the title of a “Physiotherapist” in 1988 from the prestigious Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria.

For the benefit of those in Nigeria who might be interested in knowing why I am grateful to Nigeria, the answer to your inquisitiveness is that same degree that cost me zero tuition is valued for over two hundred thousand dollars in USA. for a degree as a Physical Therapist.

I have read in various notable news outlets and on social media how Nigerians have politicized the health issue of BAT. Over the months I have asked myself several questions such as but not limited to

1: Are there no Physiotherapist in Nigeria who could educate Nigerians about the etiology and prognosis of Osteoarthritis of the knee joint,

2: Clinical presentation of Osteoarthritis

3: Are there no Orthopedic surgeons in Nigeria who could better educate Nigerians in regards to making clinical decisions suggesting TKR for patients and expected outcomes

4: Is medicine no longer based on scientific evidence in Nigeria where diagnosis are made on social media and decisions are made on who is next to die based on assumptions and prophecies. What has befallen Nigeria, just like the biblical saying are there no more prophets in the land, are there no more enlightened literates in Nigeria?

5: When did having a TKR (Total Knee Replacement) becomes a life threatening health issue. The fact that he had a successful TKR done is a testament to his fitness. No surgeon will carry out a TKR without having a total blood work done coupled with other tests, such as to determine the strength of the affected joint.

Many of those attacking Tinubu on health issues would probably die before him of an undisclosed health issues.

My fellow citizens, for over my 3 decades of practice in USA as a Physical Therapist, I probably must have treated over thousand of patients with TKR (Total Knee Replacement) and most of them returned back to their pre surgery status. The main reason people opt for surgery is to alleviate the pain so that they can continue to perform required Activities of Daily Living (ADL).

Statistically, occupational demands is one of the major predisposing factor of OA (Osteoarthritis). In most cases after TKR, with a successful surgery with timely intervention of an aggressive Physical Therapy, the prognosis is excellent.

I therefore see no reason why many are making this a campaign issue. I am in my late 50s and know a lot of my friends and colleagues who have already being complaining of OA in one joint or joints. If there is any known diagnosis out there that need to be made available then, his personal physician if considered appropriate will do the needful. Let us debate on issues, record of candidates and proposed policies of our candidates instead of using the pulpit to spread unfounded,unverifiable and unauthentic information and to spread self made and baseless accomplishments.

To those who love Nigeria like I do and who would like to debate me on issues and record of accomplishments of our candidates, be rest assured that I will create time to engage you and hope that our debate will be civilized with mutual respect as a Nigerian united in LOVE. And May Nigeria win.

Dr Gbenga Falana, a Native of Ijare in Ondo state, Nigeria, is a Physical Therapist resident in New York, USA. He is also the General Secretary, Nigeria In America For Tinubu (NIAFT ) – A leading Bola Ahmed Tinubu Support Group in US. Email:

PS: The views, thoughts, and opinions expressed in the text belong solely to the author, and not necessarily that of the Publishers of Precision Online Newspaper.

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