International Day Of The Girl Child: Education Expert Says Provocative Movies Contributory To Indecent Dressing By Girls

Third Grade Girl in Class --- Image by © Will & Deni McIntyre/Corbis


By Ibrahim Kilani, Ikare Akoko.

As today marks International Day of the Girl Child, a counselor and education expert, Mrs Ajayi Ogidi, has advocated the banning of some films that are detrimental to moral upkeep of girl child in Nigeria.

Mrs Ogidi was of the opinion that many young girls life style had been influenced through such films.

According to her the federal government must censor such films so as not to moral decadence in our society.

On dressing codes of some girl child, Ajayi drew the attention of parents teachers and worshipping centres to come out and condemn in stronger terms the bad dressing habits that might increase the high rate raping in the country.

The woman leader appealed to the girl child to embrace sound education or learn good trades that is capable of transforming their lives in the nearest future.

She urged them to shun early marriages that can derail their life ambitions.

Ajayi who is also a sports woman urged the girl child to be more involved in sporting activities in their various schools like Tobi Amusan who is now a world star that brought honours to Nigeria.

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