​We Have Almost Gone Back To The Reasons Why Youths Protested EndSARS – Yemie Fash

Oluyemi Fasipe (Yemie Fash)


Oluyemi Fasipe (Yemie Fash) is the CEO, Dalacreamz Foundation and a youth advocate, who represented the youths on the EndSARS panel in Ondo State. Sanni Barhokah in this interview with Fasipe, found out why the white paper on the EndSARS panel has not been released, and what the government should do to those detained as a result of the protests.

Has it been your desire to become a youth advocate or you were influenced?

I have always wanted to impact society. 

What are the challenges facing the youths ​​today?

The major challenge facing youths in Nigeria is the non-availability of enabling society to make them better versions of themselves 

Do you think Nigerian youths still believe in the country?

The majority of Nigerian youths have lost hope in Nigeria, and that’s why you see them trooping out of the country in larger numbers in search of a greener pasture.

Your advice to Nigerian youths.

Don’t lose hope in Nigeria. 

You represented the youths on the EndSARS panel in Akure, what was it that you told the panelists?

In view of the avalanche of substantiated complaints lodged against the men and officers of the Nigerian Police Force by the youths, it will be recommended that Ondo State Government should set up an independent body that will be saddled with the responsibility of investigating and addressing the seemingly unending cases of professional misconduct by police personnel in Ondo State. 

Also, if Ondo State Government intends to win the trust, confidence & support of her youths, it will be recommended that the government should consider the possibility of dropping charges levelled against all arrested and incarcerated persons on account of #EndSARS protests. 

Will you say the various EndSARS panels set up in the country after the crises have been able to correct the wrongs?

Not really, we have almost gone back to the reasons why the youths protested EndSARS.

The white paper on the EndSARS panel in Ondo State has not been made public. What are you doing about this? Won’t people mostly the youths not say you’ve been bought?

Well, we have engaged and will continue to engage the government on the implementation of the panel reports. 

You enjoy a lot of frenzies on the social media. How are you able to combine such a lifestyle with your roles at home?

Social media is a make-believe platform, most of what you see there are not real, as a brand and lifestyle influencer most of my post is to give you an opinion about my client, most times it’s not about me. It’s just the job. 

You recently raised the issue of the growing teenage prostitutes in Akure metropolis. Do you think it is high time to start arresting those involved in it?

I have suggested arrests, but if we want to curb the menace we must first amend the state laws to prohibit open prostitution, as we speak commercial sex is not illegal in Ondo State. 

Fasipe (right) speaking at a forum

Let’s talk about your pet project, Dalacreamz. What motivated you into such philanthropic projects?

Service to humanity, and love for children 

Do you have interest in contesting an elective position in the future in Ondo State? Why? 

Why not, if the opportunity presents itself? Thanks.

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