​We Started Crest Media Academy To Build New Generation Of Professionals – Godday Ighoteguono

Godday Ighoteguono

Godday Ighoteguono is the Head of News at Crest FM, Akure. In this interview with Abimbola Bosede, he spoke on his relationship with the Chief Operating Officer of the station, Adeolu Gboyega, his passion for broadcast journalism and his interest in taking up an acting role.

Why are you so much interested in radio broadcasting?

Well, I’d say I’ve had passion for radio since my childhood. I didn’t just like radio back then, I always tell whoever cared to listen then that I’ll want to talk, present programmes and cast the news on radio when I grow up. It will interest you to know that I’ve also presented show​​s on Television several times, but my love and passion are sure with the radio. 

You’re the head of news at Crest FM, Akure, what are the things you’re doing differently in your station to have earned you recent accolades from different quarters?

Yes. Crest 106.1 FM is primarily driven by News and Current Affairs. Knowing this from the onset made every staff member to roll up his/her sleeves in effectively delivering on the core mandate of the station. Our style of reporting endeared us into the hearts of our teeming audience. Crest FM is made up of fast-thinking upwardly mobile, smart and youthful minds. The leadership is all inclusive, giving room for every member of staff to grow and express themselves in the most possible way, though, not relegating professionalism to the background. When it comes to professionalism in the truest sense of the word, you can count on Crest 106.1FM. This, perhaps is why we get accolades from left, right and centre (smiles). We are one brand to beat, and everyone will always want to have something to do with us. 

Your station has a training institute, what’s the reason for that?

Hmmmm. Broadcasting has turned to an “All-Comers-Affair, and the need to take it back to where it belongs keeps rising on a daily basis. The crop of On-Air-Personalities we have these days is disappointing, disgusting and disheartening. Most of them are not broadcasters, because they are not broad at all. They only want to carry the cheap title of an OAP, that’s why most of them can’t go beyond presenting musical shows like “Top 20”, pitching one musical artist against another by asking the audience to vote for whoever they like the most, and some other less intelligent shows. So, we said to ourselves we must rescue the next generation of broadcasters by the way of having an Academy where interested students will be well tutored on the rudiments of broadcasting to be able to go beyond the title of an ordinary OAP, and become broadcasters of repute. And we are beginning to see the results already. Some of the students who graduated from Crest Media Academy are now doing pretty well in some media houses in Ondo State, the South West and even beyond. 

You and your boss at Crest FM, BBR Adeolu Gboyega have always worked in the same station. From Adaba to Orange and now Crest FM, what do you make of such phenomenon?

COO, Crest FM, Adeolu Gboyega & Godday Ighoteguono

Well on that, Adeolu Gboyega and I didn’t really share any working relationship while I was still with Adaba FM. Because, then, I was working as a staff of the station, while Adeolu was an independent producer. I was always not on duty when he comes for his programme, and when I was on duty, he would be away. Though we knew about each other. Our mutual working relationship started at Orange 94.5FM when we were employed there in 2012. The working relationship blossomed into what I will call family relationship with serious bonding when Adeolu got married to my wife’s childhood friend in 2015. That made us kind of inseparable. So, what Adeolu Gboyega and I share goes beyond working relationship as colleagues, as a boss to a subordinate, or mere friendship. It’s a match made in heaven. We’ve been through a lot together, we complement each other so well that people now refer to us as twin, saying we look so much alike. It is very rare not to see us together. And I must confess, that has made our working together a lot easier. Not that we don’t argue or fight as humans, but we quickly resolve all issues and move on. 

Your wife is also a broadcast personality, knowing well that your profession is engaging, how are you able to cope on the home front? 

This is actually supposed to have posed a great challenge to us both, but with understanding, we’ve always coped. Maybe if I’d not gotten married to an understanding woman like my wife, it wouldn’t have been easy balancing the home front with our respective job schedules and workloads. The accolades should go to my wife. She’s more than a wife, she’s our mother (laughing). 

You seems to have a unique voice of presentation, what is your secret?

Secret? Just God. Nothing more. Funnily enough, whether or not in the studio, I have just the same voice. I’m sure you know some presenters have multiple voices. They have a separate voice for studio, and separate ones for engagements outside studio. But for me, I’ve got only one voice for on and off the air sir (smiling). 

You’re not a Yoruba man, Urhobo I want to believe. But you speak Yoruba fluently and even the Ondo dialect, can you take us on a ride on this?

Well, it’s by God’s design. I hail from Kokori, Ethiope East Local Government Area of Delta State, but I was born and raised in Ondo City. I had my Primary and Secondary education in Ondo City, so, that explains how I can speak Yoruba and Ondo dialects fluently. I’m also trying to speak Akure fluently now, having stayed in Akure for more than 10-years. 

What would you have become in life outside radio broadcasting?

Honestly, I don’t know. Maybe teaching or acting though. I’m always at ease making people happy and laugh around me. Maybe if I channel that well, it may earn me some roles in movies. I’m still considering the option, but definitely not at the expense of broadcasting. 

You were with Orange FM at a point and it is well known that the station pays you well.  Why did you opt out for a private enterprise – Crest FM, knowing well that you’re on government’s payroll at Orange?

So many factors led to me sacking my bosses at Orange FM. Some of the factors are even well known to the general public, those at the Government’s quarters, and even the government itself. But, the major factor is for career progression and for me to be able to further express myself, career wise. I don’t want to say more than that, so as not to open up some healing wounds. 

Do you think radio broadcasting is growing well in Nigeria? 

Of course, it is growing. So also is the influx and invasion of unprofessional elements who don’t even know any of the codes guiding the profession. 

What’s your advice to students of mass communication about radio broadcasting, knowing fully well that majority of them prefer TV due to its glamour?

Well, it’s a matter of choice. As for me, my passion from childhood is to be on radio, and I ensure I followed it through with God’s help. There are several reasons for one to want to venture into anything. If going the TV way will make them achieve their dreams, so be it. But if they are only going for the glamour, I wish them well.

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