Nigerians, Be Skeptical Of Government Actions



By Tokunbo Adaja

Nigerians should be curiously and mentally alert to the activities of some elements in the President Buhari-led administration, and refrain from taking unpremeditated actions regardless of the provocation. This has become necessary in order not to play into the hands of these anti-democratic elements who are poised to scuttle the democratic process thereby foisting on unsuspecting Nigerians their hidden agenda.

No doubt, the Buhari-led administration has fallen short of the expectations of the masses. The zeal and optimism with which Nigerians welcomed President Buhari government in 2015 has fizzled out. About eight years down the line, the administration has exceedingly succeeded in multiplying poverty, misery, corruption, hopelessness, violence, hunger and kidnapping among others.

However, Nigerians must be suspicious of some people parading themselves as pro-people but are frustrated, and expect more frustrations in the next administration, and as a result are enacting policies that can either disenfranchise many citizens or encourage political apathy among the citizenry. They can surreptitiously promote protests, violence, crises, etc. between and among Nigerians to puncture the transition programme which may necessitate or justify the setting-up of an interim government. We should not lose sight of the fact that the cabals are the ones that will appoint or select members of the interim government, thereby maintaining their grip and control over the government of the day.

All these anti-people, anti-masses and draconian policies of the incumbent government, especially at the twilight of its tenure, must not be taken for granted. One wonders why this administration waited for over seven years before realizing that naira notes needed to be redesigned. Why has petrol suddenly become unavailable all over the country? Why has its price sky-rocketed even when subsidy has not been removed?

It is my humble opinion that individuals, groups, associations, trade and professional bodies should shun actions, activities or protests that can lead to the postponement or cancellation of the February 25, 2023 General Elections or make the government justify the declaration of a state of emergency thereby foisting on Nigerians an interim government or an extension of the present spent administration.

Since we have all subscribed to democratic method of governance, we should all endure the present hardship, as the days of the government are numbered, and look forward to what the ‘anticipated democratically elected new government’ will offer.


Tokunbo Adaja is a Professor of Mass Communication at Joseph Ayo Babalola University.

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