One Year After, A Tribute To Shola Ilesanmi (1986-2022)



By Joseph Ikugbonmire

Dear Shola Ilesanmi, It is exactly one year today that your humble, talented and pure hearted soul left this sinful world.

It took me this long to put this piece together because your death indeed came as a rude shock and surprise to me.

Anytime I remembered that you are no more with us, I weep silently because it reminds me of how we both started our friendship in the late 2010 when I joined the Ondo State Radio vision Corporation (osrc) as a new entrant into the pen profession.

Shola saw in me the inbuilt zeal and passion I have for newscasting and broadcasting generally when I came then and he did all he can to ensure that talent was never buried.

Shola and I are like twins, just like his original twin brother, Kehinde Ilesanmi when we fully started operations at Orange FM about eleven years ago.

We always lived close to each other so as to plan ahead, how we will run the affairs of the reportorial unit for the week.

Shola’s love for brewing young lads in the profession was second to non.

So many young minds that passed through him will attest to his love for journalism and ability to grow people.

Shola was one straight forward man I have respect for.

I don’t take any decision behind him, I must always involve him in my dealings so as not to make errors.

Same with him, he will call me and tell me series of things and we will both agree on whatever decision in other to make progress both on the job and our personal lives.

Shola was a very nice man who doesn’t joke with peoples welfare and well being.

Shola wouldn’t mind to go broke just to ensure people around him are happy.

This Son of the most high kept assisting people financially, morally and other wise like a politician.

Different people will see me and say ” egbon e bawa dupe lowo uncle Shola oooo, opelope won, iya o ba je wa’ and so many other things I may not want to talk about.

He was a cheerful giver who can sacrifice anything for anyone irrespective of your status.

Shola really helped me to build my career in Journalism through various capacity trainings within and outside Ondo State.

‘Aje’ reporter as we fondly call him, Shola will dig up dead stories and will make it look so lively.

Nor where hin legs nor dey reach as far as getting the story is concern.

Shola was Journalism and Journalism was Shola.

No day that his thought doesn’t comes to my mind.

Even in death, his good works kept speaking in large volume for him and his young family.

Dear brother and blood!!!

You fought a good fight while on earth
You are like an angel sent to the world to assist people to be who they are today.

So hard and painful you are nor more

You will forever be missed.

Keep resting in the bosom of your creator Botiwujesulonsola Taiwo Ilesanmi, till we meet on resurrection day!!!!!

Ikugbonmire writes from Akure, the ondo State Capital.

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