JUNE 12: We Are Forever Indebted To MKO Abiola – Ondo Majority Leader, Ogunmolasuyi


The June 12 1993, presidential election in Nigeria is a day many will never forget. However, it was a day that showed us that with one voice, the people’s will can prevail. Thus, M.K.O Abiola’s “Hope 93” would have catapulted our nation into another realm of economic freedom and made us a country of solid infrastructural development. And even though his mandate never got to see the light of day, we know democracy can work if the people want it.

The Ondo State of House of Assembly Majority Leader, Honourable Ogunmolasuyi, also believes our nation will thrive. Most importantly, the “Renewed Hope” of President Tinubu that has started will lead us out of the trouble we have faced and take us to the promised land of the nation Nigerians will be proud of. June 12 is not just a day but a memory forever etched in our hearts and mind. It was a day democracy prevailed and showed us the mind of God through people’s voices.

June 12 was a day that clothed nationalism, whereby Yoruba, Hausa, Igbo, and other ethnic minorities put aside sentiments for the sake of one Nigeria. The Ondo State House of Assembly majority leader believes such a moment is here again. And indeed, it has started through the hard work of President Bola Tinubu whose mandate is to ensure Nigeria becomes the paradise we all thought it should be.

Honourable Ogunmolasuyi urges those angry to heal and balm old wounds because Nigeria is all we have left. On this note, happy democracy to all Nigerians, home and abroad. No matter what, Nigeria will thrive, and we, the people, will flourish.

God bless Nigeria.

Hon. Oluwole Emmanuel Ogunmolasuyi (WEST)
ODHA Majority Leader
Owo Constituency 1

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