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Your Excellency, Governor Oluwarotimi Odunayo Akeredolu, SAN, CON may your days be long. And may all those who openly or secretly wish, hope and or pray that you will not be back on your feet, hale and hearty again to complete and successfully fulfill the purpose for which the almighty God has renewed your mandate the second term concerning Ondo State governance be disappointed.

Dear Governor just as some concerned civil servants in Ondo State have joined hands and voices together to intercede for you, I too pray that all will be well with you and that you will be in good health even as it goes well with your soul.

As mortals, we cannot but sometimes be under the weather, fall sick or make mistakes. But because there is a God in heaven, who rules in the affairs of men on earth and chooses to have mercy on whom He pleases as the unquestionable God, we are all under His benevolence.

Rotimi Akeredolu is but a mortal being. No matter what any individual or groups of people may have against him or any member of his immediate family regarding the governor’s leadership style in Ondo State such should not be a justification for the despondent attempt to throw a baby away with the bath water. To me, that is surplusage. As far as I know, none of the two prominent state religions in Nigeria encourages us to demean or spread rumors of death against another fellow who is sick.

The holy Bible is very clear on such issues as contained in the books of Romans chapter 12 verses 15 – 18 which says “Rejoice with those who rejoice; mourn with those who mourn. Live in harmony with one another. Do not be proud, but be willing to associate with people of low position. Do not be conceited”.

And to those who are saying may the will of God be done concerning Ondo State especially with regards to the present health Status of the State Governor, I have a word of admonition for them. According to the Bible (NKJV) in the books of Psalms (Songs of King David), chapter 130 verses 3-5, which says “If you, Lord, should mark iniquities? O Lord, who could stand? But there is forgiveness with you that you may be feared….”

In essence, the will of God for mankind is that no one perishes but all should come to repentance. Simply put, God’s will for all Ondo State indigenes and especially the governor is that above all things, we will prosper and be in good health.

It is therefore, very uncharitable, insensitive and unsympathetic for any person or groups of people to play God concerning the health status of a fellow homo sapiens.

The Yorubas have a saying that “Eni ti ko i ti ku, ko mo iku ti o ma pa oun”, Meaning literally that no man can predict the nature of death fate will throw at him eventually.

The Governor, who is also a Senior Advocate of Nigeria has since seamlessly transmits power to his equally unassuming deputy as he embarked on medical leave to recuperate. And without any skepticism whatsoever, Lucky Oriminsan Ayedatiwa will effectively and efficiently hold forth while his boss is away.

Aketi as the governor started well. And by the grace of God he will end well. He is not an accidental political leader. He has been with the core progressives camp since the days of NADECO, June 12 and the start of this 4th Republic. He has paid his dues and now entrusted with power, he will not let the people (including yours sincerely) down.

I am not a mouth piece of Akeredolu’s administration, but as a resident citizen of Ondo State, I will say what I know.

In the areas of infrastructure, education and security, I can climb Mount Everest to speak to the world of his administration’s unparallel achievements.

From road constructions to public primary, secondary and tertiary schools renovations, you can easily behold the signatures of quality the “Talk and Do” quintessential leader have inscribed on roads and schools all over the state. With more than 294km of roads completed within Six years, a feat that overshadowed the achievements of the previous governors in this 4th republic, Akeredolu deserves our prayers.

I need not belabor you with his “Amotekun Security Outfit” pet project that has now become a template for other states’ security architecture in Nigeria.

Indeed, I was euphoric when in appreciation of the cordial relationship between workers in Ondo State and the governor, the public servants voluntarily gathered to pray for a quick recovery for a governor who has been worker friendly.

Behind every successful man there is always a very prayerful wife and supportive children. Without doubt, Betty Akeredolu, the septuagenarian wife of the State governor has stood like the Rock of Gibraltar behind her husband through thick and thin.

I cannot fault her. If she has been keeping her home many years before her husband became governor then I expect people to respect her privacy and stop dictating or tutoring her about matrimony.

As a son of a very senior minister of God in one of the most popular Pentecostal churches in Nigeria, I cannot but modestly educate some people that do not understand how much influence a brilliant child of a pastor or better still, a governor can have on his father.

Although my father is late now but I still remember how he used to cleverly sought my opinion on non-spiritual matters that concerns the church’s administration and management. And as a university graduate in the early nineties, God used me in helping my dad to reposition the church for a 21st century evangelism expansion. There is no big deal about such things.

However, where the problem may lie in such “interference” would have been for my dad to allow me to lead him by the nose in matters spiritual without the requisite anointing or ordination.

Babajide Akeredolu is a chip off the old block. Very consummately elegant and given to details. I came across him once or twice and I can say that he is an extreme introvert and a bit supercilious to put it pointedly.

Nevertheless, no matter the personality type of Babajide Akeredolu, I will never agree with those who thinks he should keep his distance from governance in Ondo State.

A street smart guy like Babajide should not be too far from his father. That Senator Jimoh Ibrahim took him along to see President Tinubu or not while his father is on a sick bed is immaterial.
What is important is where Babajide was before and where he returns after the Aso Rock visit? Most introverts are always very homely, caring and close to their families. That I know as an introvert myself.

2024 is almost here. Political office holders should not play politics with Aketi’s ill health.

According to shakespare in Julius Caeser, “The saddest thing about betrayal is that it never comes from your own enemies”. It comes from your friends and loved ones” We should all know that its only God that gives and or takes power and He gives to whom He pleases. “For the race is not to the swift….”

More than ever before, spirited individuals who genuinely love Ondo State must never stop praying for divine intervention and healing for the governor as I will continue to do from my end here, so that our amiable governor can return to good health and be back in action.

As a governor, Rotimi Akeredolu is not just a husband or a father within a family set-up, he is now the “father of all” in Ondo State by the electoral mandate freely given to him and therefore he deserves quick recovery prayers from us all.

And as we pray, may God answer our prayers and return him to good health in good time. Amen.

Sam Aroge is Director General, Life Abundant Ambassadors foundation.
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