Audacious Repositioning Of Ondo State APC: The Aiyedatiwa’s Paradigm [Opinion]



Political parties are more than platforms for the actualization of political dreams and aspirations. Voluntary as it may seem, membership of political parties is strictly guided by many things. One of the fundamentals is that the party’s ideological stance is imbibed and infused in the individual who chooses to be a member.

Since the ultimate aim of every political party is to form a government while delivering the promised dividends of democracy, galvanizing support from every angle using the party’s structure cannot be downplayed. The overall interest of the members ranks first. The people make or mar the party. It begins from the units.

While it is a notorious fact that all members cannot and will not achieve their dreams in the party at the same time, a kind of support mechanism must be put in place lest the unprivileged members lose faith in the system. Of what benefit is a political party where members thin out day after day?

The Governor who praised President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, GCFR, for providing leadership for Ondo state APC even before he became President of Nigeria, moved beyond personal ambition to reposition the Ondo state chapter of the APC that God has ordained him to lead. Recognizing the need to carry everyone along in the developmental agenda, Aiyedatiwa unequivocally stated the problems and the solutions in just one stakeholders’ meeting. His charge was simple. It was anchored on love, peace and unity. When these are entrenched, Aiyedatiwa believes that the party will make substantial progress in winning elections as well as delivering on its electioneering promises.

Aiyedatiwa’s ‘Look well’ sounded more than a charge to party faithful. It is like a responsibility by all members to rid the APC off jackals and hyenas waiting to prey on the unsuspecting members. In Aiyedatiwa’s ‘Look Well’, the veil of deception is removed. This is the first surgery that will save the party from an avoidable ruin. Every member must do everything to protect the integrity of the party as we toil in love for the ultimate development of Ondo State by making the APC lead at all levels.

Aiyedatiwa has opened our eyes to check the antecedents and characters of all political players in the party. The Governor has forewarned us to see beyond the sudden gestures of a farmer baiting the monkey with banana. Since all is fair in war and love, Aiyedatiwa, as a true leader who cares for the party’s wellness has sent a fatherly message early enough lest members of the party are conned.

Prophetically, Aiyedatiwa has resolutely declared that there would be no vacancy in Alagbaka. The import of that is simple. It means nothing will die in his hands. It means the APC will grow and continue to offer value for the people of Ondo state under his leadership. This should be celebrated by everyone who mean well for the party. It is a double assurance that the party will continue to win and grow.

With Aiyedatiwa’s resolute commitment to return the party to the track of greatness by bringing everyone together, providing support for the party at all levels, promoting continued interactions among members, instituting a crisis management committee etc, Ondo APC has been magically repositioned to weather all political storms. The party doesn’t need to wait until elections before encouraging and mobilizing its teeming members.

But in case you missed Aiyedatiwa’s ‘Look Well’ charge, it is important I re-echo it again so that it can stick. While we are not changing the slogan of the party in Ondo state, it won’t be a bad idea if you chant ‘Look Well’ whenever APC meetings are held. That’s how to reinforce Aiyedatiwa’s expensive warning.

Sunday Olugbenga Abire is Special Assistant on New Media to the Governor of Ondo State.

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