Ondo 2024: Olagundoye Releases SMART Goals On How He Would Develop Ondo State



Rt. Hon. Adeleke Collins Olagundoye, an aspirant under the APC has declared his intention to contest the 2024 gubernatorial election holding in November.

In a broadcast declaration speech made available to Precision Online Newspaper and titled; Masses’ Hour (Asiko Mekunnu), Mr Olagundoye disclosed that he is contesting owing to his love for humanity and the progress of Ondo State.

“I offer myself as a Steward of the Masses to pilot the affairs of Ondo State. Today, a moment filled with great joy and gratitude to God, I stand before you with a profound sense of purpose, to officially declare my intention to run for the highly esteemed position of Governor in the forthcoming Ondo 2024 election under the banner of our dynamic All Progressives Congress (APC).

“I am a proud son of this land, from Araromi-Ayeka in Okitipupa Local Government Area, Southern Senatorial District of Ondo State, Nigeria. I am a product of Ondo State’s culture and values, and a beneficiary of its opportunities and blessings. I am an Academic, Author, Publisher/Editor-In-Chief of Eminent People Magazine; Citizen Channel; Sunshine Eagles; Provost of Centre for Media and Strategic Communication and the Coordinator of both the International Institute of Journalism (IIJ), the training wing of the Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ), and the Nigerian Institute of Public Relations (NIPR), Ondo State, Nigeria.

“I have also been actively involved in politics at various levels, from the local to the national having served as the Leader of the Legislative Council, Okitipupa Local Government; Chairman, Conference of Leaders of Councils in Ondo State with the Award as the Best Leader of Councils in Nigeria; Special Adviser on Media and Publicity to Distinguished Senator Yele Omogunwa who represented Ondo South Senatorial District; Special Assistant on Strategic Communication to Distinguished Senator Raji Rasaki of Ekiti Central; a two-term member of Media and Publicity and Secretary Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) of the Special Interest Committees in the Akeredolu 2016/2020 campaign teams. I am also the Director General of Grassroots for Good Governance Initiative (3GI), a civil liberty organization that promotes democracy, accountability, and development in our country.

“My dear people, I am not here to boast of my achievements or credentials but to share with you my vision and passion for our beloved State. I believe that Ondo State is endowed with enormous potentials and resources (natural and human), which can make it one of the most prosperous and progressive States in Nigeria and Africa. I believe that Ondo State deserves a Leader who can harness these resources and channel them toward the common good of all her citizens, regardless of their tribe, religion, gender, or political affiliation. I believe that Ondo State needs a Governor who can build on the legacy of the APC government both at the Federal and State levels, and take it to the next level of excellence and innovation.

“As a true son of Ikale Dynasty whose roots run deep in the soil of this great State. I come before you not just as an Aspirant but as a Steward with a vision for the Masses – a comprehensive roadmap for an improved Ondo State. This visionary framework is embodied in the Ondo SMART project, a strategic plan that leverages Socio-Economic Mobility, Modernization, Autonomy, Agriculture, Resources, and Technology,” he said.

He then drew out his action plan with the tag, “the SMART project” explained below:

S- Socio-Economic Mobility:
My commitment to socio-economic mobility is anchored in the belief that every resident of Ondo State should have an equal opportunity to improve their economic status and quality of life.

Hence, my administration will prioritize and significantly increase investments in education, encompassing formal, non-formal, and adult literacy programs to ensure that every citizen is equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to thrive in this 21st century.

Youth and women political and economic empowerment are at the forefront of my agenda. I will create avenues for vocational capacity building and empower women politically and economically.

Additionally, my administration will focus on establishing viable medium scale and blue-chip industries to boost job creation. Efforts will be directed towards the recovery and reconstruction of state-owned companies to reinvigorate the business landscape.

In my visionary plan for prioritization of education and a powerful tool for socio-economic mobility, I am giving out Scholarships to students in some chosen fields in the best Universities around the world. I am partnering with some companies and the best Universities in Scandinavian Countries through the Scholarship Initiative to bring education to EVERY citizen of Ondo state. I offer Ondo state indigenes both home and abroad scholarship opportunities on various viable disciplines. Available courses on our list of scholarship includes: Art & Design, Business Administration, Computer Programming, Computer Science, Data Science, Education & Teaching, Engineering, Health & Medicine, Humanities, Personal Development, Information Security (Infosec), Professional Sciences and Social Sciences. It is my big dream that education becomes accessible and affordable for all Ondo indigenes.

This is a life time opportunity for Ondo indigenes, many have applied and will commence academic study next session. I am encouraging as many Ondo indigenes as possible both at home and abroad to seize this opportunity. Please, visit, www.adelekecollinsolagundoye.com for more information.

Like Oliver Sacks, I also wish for a State that views mental or physical disability as NO hindrance but as unique attributes that can be seen as powerful assets if given the right opportunities. Therefore, I will attend to the special needs of People Living with Disabilities (PLWDs) in Ondo State as a pillar for socio-economic mobility. My administration will have special project to attend to the social and economic empowerment of PLWDs so as to integrate them fully into the society. The efforts of successive governments in maintaining all government owned schools for PLWDs will be boosted. The project will see to their political empowerment and place within my administration. My administration will work closely with the Joint National Association of People with Disabilities (JONAPWD) and at the grassroots to ensure PLWDs to benefit from economic empowerment of the project.

Security of lives and properties being a viable tool for social-economic mobility, my administration will build on the vibrant security architecture of Governor Oluwarotimi Odunayo Akeredolu, SAN, CON of blessed memory, to achieve maximum protection of lives and properties of the good people of Ondo state. It is my plan to deploy high-tech equipment with military precision in order to achieve a regular, consistent aerial surveillance of the entire state to rid of banditry and any criminal activities. There will be deployment of drones to assist military and law enforcement agencies within Ondo state air space and territory for effective security system. Effective security maneuvering and excellence lies in the hands of every indigene of the State, to this, our traditional institutions will be great allies here, I will partner with them for effective security architecture.
A healthy population is a cornerstone of a thriving and prosperous society. One of my goals is to ensure that every citizen has access to quality and preventive healthcare services. I will ensure that our State has a robust and affordable system of health care that will provide quality and preventive services to our people, especially vulnerable groups such as women, children, those living with disability and the elderly. Free medical care for children aged 0-5 and the elderly aged 65+, will be a priority, and subsidized healthcare will be available for people living with disability. I will also ensure that our health workers are well-equipped, protected, and compensated for their heroic and selfless work. My vision for adequate healthcare birth my Telehealth initiative.

Telehealth revolution is a primary initiative of my proposed administration for my vision of health equity in Ondo State. Telehealth is my agenda for a transformative and innovative approach to healthcare, where our communities will have accessible and affordable healthcare services through the power of technology.

Due to my great concern for the health of our people in Ondo state, I have commenced the creation of the State – of – the earth Telehealth hubs at strategic locations across Ondo state. It is a project that will continue when we are sworn in by February 2025. These Telehealth hubs serve as virtual healthcare centres, equipped with modern communication technologies, medical equipment, and highly trained healthcare professionals to provide consultations and medical support to individuals in rural and underserved areas. We have soon to be launched mobile health units across the state to reach the most isolated communities. These units are equipped with telemedicine capabilities and will travel to remote areas, providing medical consultations, preventive care and health education. My administration when sworn in, will spur collaboration between the government and the private sector essentially for sustainable telehealth development. My proposed government’s commitment to embracing technology, expanding access to healthcare, and prioritizing health equity will lead to healthier and more prosperous communities. Together, let’s embark on this transformative journey and build a future where quality healthcare reaches every corner of Ondo state.

M- Modernization:
With the support of the good people of Ondo State, I will drive modern economic development in all regions of the State. A holistic approach will be made to ensure that prosperity reaches even the remotest parts of Ondo State. Special emphasis will be placed on unlocking the untapped potentials of rural areas in Ondo State, by investing in critical infrastructure, agriculture, and agribusiness. Local industries will be empowered to flourish in economic growth at the grassroots level. Building on the industrial architecture established by former Governor Akeredolu, I will propel Ondo State into the forefront of the 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR).

My administration will empower communal wealth, create job opportunities, and ensure an adequate housing scheme for our citizens. Infrastructural development will be a key focus, ensuring that our road networks from farmlands to towns and business hubs are well-maintained. My administration will foster foreign partnerships, creating avenues for collaboration and investments. Comprehensive electrification will be prioritized, ensuring that every local government area is adequately electrified to support economic activities and improve the overall standard of living.

A- Agriculture:
Recognizing Ondo State’s rich and fertile landscape, with the support of the good people of Ondo State, we will transform the agricultural sector. I will ensure that our beloved State is self-sufficient and prosperous in food production, by supporting and empowering our farmers and agro allied Entrepreneurs with the necessary inputs, incentives, and infrastructure. I will also ensure that our State is a leader and exporter of value-added agricultural products, by leveraging our comparative advantage in crops, livestock, fisheries, and forestry. My administration will support the establishment of agriculture-based industries, such as chocolate firms, beverages, and confectionery firms, to add value to our indigenous production of cocoa. My administration will provide immense potentials for our marine resources, making Ondo State a leader in sustainable marine and blue economy practices, through our harnessing of the Federal Ministry of Marine and Blue Economy.

A- Autonomy:
The local government, State Legislature, and media will play pivotal roles in shaping policies that directly impact the lives of the people. Therefore, by ensuring autonomy at these various levels, I aim to create a more responsive and effective governance structure that addresses the unique needs of each community. I will be committed to the full autonomy of local governments, recognizing their crucial role in the collective growth and development of the State. This autonomy will extend to the State legislature and the newly introduced 4th tier of government—the media. Autonomy for the state House of Assembly where critical decisions about the State will be made is very important as this will give members of the House of Assembly the confidence to do the right thing in such a way that no member of the House will be subject to any form of intimidation.

R- Resources:
Sustainable development in our dear State will be a priority. With the help of the good people of Ondo State, I will ensure responsible exploitation of our natural resources, including bitumen, premium motor spirit, coal, dimension stones, and feldspar, within legal frameworks. Indeed, my administration will emphasize responsible resource management to avoid environmental degradation and promote conservation efforts. My administration will implement robust regulations and monitoring systems to ensure that natural resource extraction is carried out in an environmentally friendly atmosphere. Efforts will be made to reduce reliance on specific sectors, ensuring that economic prosperity is spread across various industries. My administration will actively attract local and foreign investments, fostering research and innovation to diversify economic activities.

As the Director General of Grassroots for Good Governance Initiative 3GI, I understand the power of unity and collective action. My administration will ensure that our State is a model and example of good governance, by upholding the principles and practices of democracy, rule of law, transparency, accountability, and responsiveness. I will also ensure that our State is a participatory and collaborative State, by involving and engaging the people, the civil society, the private sector, and the media in the formulation and implementation of policies and programs that affect them. Making it truly “a government of the people, by the people, and for the people” in truth to Abraham Lincoln words.

Understanding the spirit of our institutions that its aim is for the lifting of those at the grassroots, I am opposed to things that may damage them. In my administration, traditional institutions will be given a higher priority. They will be given roles that will complement the activities of government thereby enshrining good governance at the ‘grassroots’. This will allow even distribution of dividends of democracy to everyone in the state. For the roles they play, they are valuable resource for the government, since they have a deep understanding of the unique needs and concerns of their communities, this understanding will help largely in designing my administration’s policies and programmes for Ondo state. I will recognize the traditional rulers and the council of chiefs as ‘legitimate’ partners in the process of governance. I will see them as equal partners in the business of governance, which no doubt will have a transformative effect on the political system as a whole. This will ultimately lead to more effective and responsive governance, as well as a greater sense of unity and belonging amongst the people. The traditional rulers’ allowances will receive a vibrant boost in my administration.

I will recognize the supremacy of our Party, All Progressives Congress (APC) and I will give maximum regard for the Party structure, and welfare of our party’s men and women and the youth.
During my administration, consideration in form of patronage either directly or indirectly will be given to all Ondo state chapter of APC Support Groups.

T- Technology:
In this era of rapid technological advancement, I recognize the critical role of technology in driving progress. My administration will establish innovation hubs, promoting technological research and development to keep pace with the modern world. Tech-based entrepreneurship will be encouraged, empowering our youths to excel in emerging industries.

Digital transformation will be a key focus, with an emphasis on up-skilling civil servants and fostering a digitally inclusive and innovative society. The implementation of a Comprehensive Electronic Governance Strategy will ensure transparent governance through e-governance initiatives.

My Government will focus on ICT Empowerment. Empowering women and youths through ICT means providing economic power to reduce poverty, developing new opportunities for remote learning and educational pursuit, bringing improvement and the best out of women and youths, and finally increasing the literacy rate among women and youths.

Conclusively, my fellow Ondo people, this is not merely a political agenda but a comprehensive plan—a promise to deliver good governance and prosperity to our state. The Ondo SMART project of my administration is a testament to our commitment to building a Smart Sunshine State that stands as a model of progress and inclusivity. That is why in my pursuit of a vibrant and resourceful governance, I pledge to steer the ship of Ondo State towards socio-economic growth, reducing unemployment and poverty to nearly zero point. Imagine an Ondo State where insecurity, healthcare concerns, poverty, and food shortages are mere relics of the past—where our elderly revel in the security of a well organised social security system.

I draw inspiration from the resilience of the All Progressives Congress, echoing the words of Winston Churchill, “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that count.” We stand on the shoulders of incredible achievements at both the Federal and State levels, and I commit to building upon this legacy and support.

In closing, let me leave you with the words of John F. Kennedy, “Change is the law of life, and those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future” So let us embrace the change we seek, for it is through change that we forge a brighter tomorrow.

I cannot achieve this change alone.
I need your support.
I need your prayers.
I need your votes.

I humbly ask you to join me in this noble and historic mission and together, let us script a new chapter in the history of Ondo State—a chapter defined by progress, inclusivity, and the unwavering spirit of the Sunshine people.

Yes, Together, we can make Ondo State the envy of all. Together, we can make Ondo State the home we all want it to be.

God bless Ondo State.
God bless Nigeria.
God bless you all.
May the sun never set on the aspirations of Ondo State.

Thank you all for listening.

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