Ugwu Leaf Can Ameliorate BPH Says UNIMED Lecturer



lecturer at the department of Anatomy, University of Medical Sciences,
Ondo State, Mr
Akinyemi Akinsola who conducted a research on seed and leaf extracts of Ugwu or fluted pumpkin  (Telfairia occidentalis) on induced benign prostatic hyperplasia, has noted that the leaf and seed might be vital in the amelioration of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasa (BPH).

Akinsola whose research has so far confirmed the preventive and
therapeutic roles of ugwu leaf and seed  in wistar rats following the
induction of BPH, believed that the research serves as ‘a model’ for
prevention or better management of BPH as the presently available drugs
are costly and often accompanied with series of side effects such as
impotency and low libido in ageing men.
said, “further researches (such as molecular mechanisms and clinical
trials) are ongoing about the preventive and therapeutic roles of Ugwu,
in order to further establish his findings. This would hopefully be a
panacea to the problem of benign prostatic hyperplasia suffered by
ageing men, which is most common among African men.”

Akinsola was recently at University Medical Centre Groningen, the Netherlands, where he presented this research during the 23rd edition of International Student Congress of (Bio) Medical SciencesISCOMS
which featured 600 participants across the world. Following which, he
was awarded the best presenter of his session for such a noble finding. 

problem of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) has been a major concern
to the global community in recent years. This is so as about 55% of men
above 50 years of age across the globe have been reported to have
symptom(s) of BPH. More so, it has been recently reported that over 90% of men around 80 years and above are presently managing BPH across the globe.
Hence, such a noble finding as this would be globally promising and relevant.

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