Joshua Orimoloye: The Long Expected Hope For The People Of Ose Local Govt Area By Richard Adura-Ilesanmi


The hope of the people of Ose local government area of Ondo state to have a credible son who will provide good representation for them at various levels of government, especially at the Ondo State House of Assembly may soon come to a reality if going by the willingness and readiness of one of their own, Prince Dele Joshua Orimoloye to offer himself to serve his people.


Born at Ifon in Ose Local government area of Ondo state about four decades ago, the young Orimoloye had his elementary education at St Andrews Anglican Primary School, USO in Owo local government area and Uso Grammar School where he first obtained his Junior Secondary School Certificate. In his quest for a robust practical-oriented engineering knowledge, Orimoloye proceeded to the Government Technical College, Owo where he read Electrical Electronic Engineering in 2005. 
In his unending thirst for a higher education, Orimoloye secured admission into the prestigious Rufus Giwa Polytechnic, Owo in 2007 and came out with an outstanding Ordinary National Diploma (OND) in Electrical Electronic Engineering in 2009.  He later obtained his Higher National Diploma (HND) in the same course from the institution in 2013.
Higher institutions are not only meant for acquiring degrees but a veritable place for youths to exhibit their innate or acquired leadership potentials. In realization of this, Orimoloye vied for the chairmanship of the Part Term Student Union and won the election with overwhelming votes because of the utmost belief, trust and confidence that his colleagues reposed in him to successfully steer the ship of the Union to the promised land. 
Joyfully, Orimoloye did not disappoint the electorate who voted him as their leader. He delivered beyond the expectations of stakeholders and political watchers who were anxious to see the magic that the young man could perform. As a leader with uncommon creative mind, Orimoloye opened a new chapter in the book of the Union by laying the foundation of Part Term Student Union Building when he held sway as chairman between 2012 and 2013, a development which keen stakeholders and observers described as unprecedented in the history of the polytechnic. Little wonder that he was presented ‘Leader of the Year award’ on the 24th of August, 2013. 
Unfortunately, like the virus of lack of continuity in governance that has eaten deep into the fabrics of Nigeria’s political climate, the project is still where Orimoloye administration stopped till today. 
His harvest of awards continued in the same year as he received a Commendation Letter from stakeholders in the institution as the best chairman that the Union ever had, couple with another merit award of Innovative Leadership presented to him in September, 2013. Also in 2013, Orimoloye got another merit award as a Life Member of the Safety and Traffic Cadet Corps.
As a successful young man in his chosen career, Orimoloye, has over the years, garnered loads of leadership experience which could enable him serve humanity and better the lots of people whom God has given him the privilege to serve at various levels. This informed his resolve to offer himself for elective position especially at this critical time that the people of Ose Local government area are in dare need of a credible and trustworthy son who can bring dividends of democracy to their door steps through quality representation at the Ondo State House of Assembly in 2019.
To him, politics is not an avenue to amass wealth but a veritable avenue to make life bearable for the people, fight for their rights at all time, speak for them as well ensure that they are not sidelined in the scheme of things.
For Joshua Orimoloye, politics is about public service. His mission is, therefore,to serve as a good representative of his people,  unlike those who have had such opportunity in the past but only ended up making themselves super rich overnight while their constituents who defiled the scorching sun and heavy rains to entrust their mandate to them continue to swim in the pool of abject poverty, financial incapacitation among others.
According to him, “When their representatives assume office, everything they all expect is a good representation; but at the end , the representative loses focus in one way or another. They end up doing things that are only benefited to them and their families forgetting the masses that  voted them in. Well as a Youth , I believe we still have that blood, fresh brain to think straight and also think about the people who cannot even afford three square meals in a day. These people have been neglected by the so-called representatives”.
As a true son of the soil, Orimoloye had his own share of the appalling representations alien to democratic ethos which some people have over the years been unleashing on people in the constituency. Determined to do things differently, especially as it is obtainable in saner climes, Orimoloye is thus presenting himself in the service of his people whom he said have been denied good and qualitative representations in the past.
He had at different fora maintained that, “We have been kept for too long under uncertainties that have made our people, especially our youths lost hope in the future. We all know that our dear country own so much both in nature and finance to take care of every dilapidated areas affecting our society as well as each community. However, lack of interest, concern, commitment and loyalty to the electorate and conscience by some bad eggs in our politics have kept our land in an unpleasant state. 
“As a youth , I know what my people are passing through, I also know the daily pains that run through their veins and, we must not let things go out of hand before we decide to hold the bull by the horn; that is why I am here today to speak and stand for my people as we begin  this total movement for liberation and freedom”, he said.
Topmost on his agenda are well-thought out programmes aimed at making the teaming youths in the constituency job creators rather than unrepentant job hunters. As a an innovative and creative young man himself, Orimoloye is poised to opening the flood gate of opportunities for the army of youths in the constituency to enable them fulfil their God-given potentials.
One of the ways he aims to achieve this is the establishment of a 21st century artisan village where those with little or no education will be trained after which they will be assisted financially to stand on their own as other laudable programmes and initiatives are already in the pipeline for different segments of people in the constituency.
Anchoring his political slogan on “Together We Can” which the immediate past US president, Barrack Obama used to express his sincerest hope in the joint effort of the American people in turning the God’s own country around, Orimoloye believes in the cooperation, synergy and concerted efforts of the people of Ose local government to align with his people-oriented programmes designed to lift them above the principalities and powers of human-inflicted wound occasion by the myriads of poor representations they have had in the past.
There is no doubt that Orimoloye has etched his name in gold in his chosen career; he’s a young blood who knows what the people need. He’s a hardcore freedom fighter who prefers to spend his last dime on others. He’s more than ready to leave no stone unturned in order to barnish unemployment, hunger, poverty, pains and other daunting challenges bedevilling the people.
It needs no praise singing that he’s indeed a honest, humble, loyal and complete gentleman who will be committed to redefining governance as it concerns genuine and robust representation in Ose Constituency at the Ondo State House of Assembly in 2019. When you see him, don’t look elsewhere for humility. He’s humility personified. However, beneath his humility is a an unparalleled commitment and dedication to serve humanity.

Richard is a Journalist, Blogger & Writer. Contact via twitter: @Richievoice

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