Stay Clear Of Video Games And Masturbation, China Tells Military Recruits | The Precision

The Chinese military is fretting about the
growing number of would-be recruits failing its stringent fitness
test, but says it has the answer: avoid masturbating and playing
computer games.



People’s Liberation Army chiefs aim to ensure that applicants are
in tip-top condition to join the rank and file of the world’s
largest military force. 

This month the official PLA Daily spelt out on social media 10
reasons why so many potential recruits fall at the first hurdle. 

It said 20 percent were overweight while eight percent were
refused because they had an enlarged testicular vein. 

The newspaper did not spell out how army officers knew about the
vein issue but said the problems were caused by too much
masturbation, too much time playing video games and not enough

Obvious or oversized tattoos were also a no-no, it said, pointing
out that others failed the test because of liver problems
associated with too much alcohol. 


The PLA Daily said that in one city alone more than half the
candidates were rejected after failing to show they were fit and
healthy enough. 

Beijing said the PLA had high standards. 

“China’s recruitment process has strict rules and procedures,”
the defence ministry said in a statement. “The quality of our
recruits is guaranteed and the headwaters of our military will
flow long and strong.” 

Since coming to power in 2012 President Xi Jinping has trumpeted
the need to build a stronger combat-ready military, while leading
efforts to centralise the Communist Party’s control over
it. (AFP)
Source: The Precision

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