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United States President, Donald Trump has laid out his goals for the war in Afghanistan
in a primetime speech yesteday, saying he will not announce dates or troop
levels but “from now on victory will have a clear definition.”


Mr Trump said those objectives will include “obliterating ISIS” and
“preventing the Taliban from taking over Afghanistan.” To achieve these
goals, Trump said he would expand authority for the US military to
target criminal and terrorist networks in Afghanistan.
Still, Trump warned that he was not offering a blank check of US
support to Afghanistan, insisting that the country will have to continue
to show a serious commitment and make strides toward addressing
persistent issues like corruption.
In a CNN town hall aired live immediately after the President spoke, House Speaker Paul Ryan said he supported the President’s war plan and that he was especially happy with how Trump came to his decision.
“I’m pleased with the decision,” Ryan told CNN’s Jake Tapper. “We
cannot allow another safe haven for terrorists to materialize again.”
Ryan said that he believed he’d heard a new “doctrine” Monday night from Trump. (CNN)
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