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Right on the heels on Hurricane Harvey, America is facing another weather emergency.

the damage that Harvey inflicted on Texas and Louisiana was
substantial, Hurricane Irma has been wreaking just as much havoc on the
Caribbean, Cuba and Florida. While it is one thing to hear about the
damage and chaos on the news, seeing images of what people are going
through helps to put the entire event in perspective. In most cases, the
extent of damage Irma is having is much worse than we may think.

To illustrate, here are 22 images that show the effect Hurricane Irma is having.

1. This chicken evacuation in the Florida Keys.

2. Dogs taking shelter from the rain in the Dominican Republic.

3. All the roofs torn off of houses in Saint Martin.

4. An empty grocery store shelf where water bottles used to be.


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5. A car crushed by a fallen tree.

6. Rescue workers rescuing passengers from a flooded car in Puerto Rico.

7. These enormous waves threatening homes on the shore of St. Martin.

8. A woman sweeps back floodwater from her steps in Antigua.

9. A man walks amongst destroyed palm trees and other debris in the Dominican Republic.

10. Cars blown all the way to the shore in St. Martin.


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11. Waves and wind battering the barricades in Puerto Rico.

12. More destruction in St. Martin.

13. Shoppers in Florida stock up in preparation for Irma.

14. A man standing against the coast as hurricane winds blow in.

15. Boats and leisure craft all knocked against the shore in a pile.

16. Sand and destruction in this blocked road in St. Barts.


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17. Extreme flooding and water damage in Marigot.

18. Waves breaking over a dock in Puerto Rico.

19. An aerial view of widespread flood damage in St. Martin.

20. More widespread views of destruction and flood damage in St. Martin.

21. The streets of Gustavia in St. Barts were also hit hard by hurricane damage.

22. In addition to all the severe damage, many families were displaced and are now homeless throughout the area as well.


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Source: Odd News Media

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