Scary: Proposed Laws In UK To Jail People Who Read Extremist Websites For 15 Years | The Precision

UK PM, Theresa May
Rudd, the UK cabinet minister is proposing that citizens who repeatedly
view “online terrorist materials” be sent to prison, maximum terms of
15 years.


want to make sure those who view despicable terrorist content online
face the full force of the law”, said Rudd, who previously cemented her
technology creds by confusing cryptographic hashing with twitter
is already illegal in the UK to “possess information likely to be
useful to a terrorist”, this initiative is meant to close the loopholes
to include streaming and viewing online.
pretty thought-crime-ish to me. What is also interesting is that Rudd
specifically included “far right propaganda” in her targeted material,
which can mean pretty well anything but is conspicuous in its omission
of far left propaganda. Does this mean extremism is only punishable in
the UK if it’s on one side of the political spectrum and not the other?

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