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A political movement called ‘The New Face of Hope’ has emerged under
the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) with the aspirant not yet unveiled
until ongoing consultation is completed.

The group’s emergence is timely at a time the PDP is searching for a
credible candidate to be the face of the party in the 2019 presidential
The movement, in a statement made available to NewsExpress and signed
by its Director, Media and Publicity, Imade Ize-Iyamu, promises to
ensure the emergence of a detribalised, bold and brave face battle-ready
to usher Nigerians to the next level.
The statement further reads: “The hour has come when the young and
old Nigerians will need to engage in the fight for what belongs to them.
It is about time when the collective dividends of all the citizens stop
circulating among some forces in the country.
“This is the best time that, as citizens, we need to redouble our
efforts in waging peaceful war against the oppression, suffering, pain,
agony, fears, encampment, freedom and lawlessness in the land that
belongs to all of us.
“Therefore, judging from the aforementioned, we begin to ask some
salient questions that come to mind: How and what do we do to get
ourselves out of these inumerable mess? Who will really take us to the
promise land we so desire?
“The New Face of Hope! Yes, New Face of Hope has come. The New Face
of Hope is here. It’s a face of a PDP presidential hopeful in the 2019
election race.
“The New Face of Hope is sacrificially ready to yield to the demands
of the underprivileged and masses in general. A detribalised, bold and
brave face battle-ready to usher Nigerians to the next level we all
deserve to be.”
It stated that it has effectively assisted the government in handling
security challenges in the past, particularly the hydra-headed Boko
However, the group reiterated its commitment to bringing on board the
experience of effectively dealing with several security challenges that
have almost crippled the most parts of the country.
Continuing, the statement reads: “Therefore, in our yet-to-be-
unveiled presidential aspirant, we have a personality who has all it
takes to nip the security crisis that has engulfed our nation in the
bud, especially at this critical moment of our nationhood.

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“It is worthy to know that our candidate who exudes a nationalistic
and philanthropic lifestyle will not only put an end to the ubiquitous
hunger, poverty, Boko Haram insurgency and all manner of insecurity in
Northern Nigeria, but also suppress the oppression of the Niger Deltans
and South-Easterners (Igbos).
“Indeed, the New Face of Hope being projected, as a unifier and
patriotic personality that he is, would balance appointments among
Nigerians across ethnic divides and shun favouritism as, according to
the presidential aspirant, NIGERIA BELONGS TO YOU AND I”.
They expressed hope that under their candidate, Nigeria will witness
revolutionary transformation in all sectors of the economy and the
massively unemployed youth would begin to earn a living wage.
“We believe that as a movement, it would take purposeful and strong
leadership like THE NEW FACE OF HOPE, embodied by a rare combination of
experience, intelligence, resourcefulness, fearless, vibrancy and
boldness to tackle these challenges headlong.“
“NFHM 2019 can boast of having the template and decisive action
required to stamp out corruption in Nigeria, which would be a welcome
development coming from a movement that exudes confidence, character and
experience in that area of jurisdiction.
“It is also important to note that ‘The New Face of Hope’ will look
in the eyes of the corrupt and see neither a sponsor, or a friend, or
even a relative but would recognise it as the rampaging monster that
really needs to be stamped out,” the group said.
They assured Nigerians that they are working out modalities to ensure
to ensure a restructured Nigeria, where justice, equity, progress and
peace will be instilled and every Nigerian will be proud of the country.

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According to them, the vision behind their ideology is a God’s own
project practically arranged to salvage Nigerians from pains, agony and
hardship of the current leadership.
They therefore called on Nigerians to work collectively with them to launch the movement into its expected greater height.
They promised that their presidential candidate will be unveiled soon
after completion of ongoing consultations across the the country.

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