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By Fatima Muraina
Advocate for Sexual Reproductive Health has raised the need to expand
Post Abortion Care Services (PAC) in order to curb the high rate of
Maternal Morality in Nigeria.
The IPAS Country Director, Barr. Hauwa Shekarau raised the need while
presenting a paper at a capacity building of the Network of Reproductive
Health Journalists held in Ibadan, Oyo state recently.
Shekarau, who spoke on “Updates on Maternal Deaths and Abortion
incidence in Nigeria: A look at The Guttmacher study urged governments
at all levels to provide modern and less invasion methods of Post
Abortion Care.
said Health care providers should be sufficiently trained to administer
PAC services when needed urgently  and to liberalise abortion law to
reduce maternal death significantly.

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to her, the legal restriction does not stop abortion incidences but
only drives services underground creating  more room for clandestine
 the study  done by  Guttmacher in collaboration with the University of
Ibadan in 2012 and released in 2015, Shekarau said ‘An estimated
1.25million induced abortions were performed in Nigeria in 2012 with an
annual abortion rate at 33percent per 1,000 women aged 15-49  while the
abortion ratio was 19 abortions per 100 live births”.
Despite the law, women seeking abortion services Shekarau noted procure abortion when needed.
called for the promotion of high quality family planning progress
through counseling with a wide range of contraceptive options and for
women to easily switch methods when needed.

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