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The Ondo state chapter of Yoruba Youths Council, the only and worldwide recognized youth arm of Pan-Yoruba social political organization, Afeniferere has recently commend the goodwill and good works of Hon. Abiola Makinde; an aspiring member of the federal house of representatives in Ondo east and West Federal constituency.

In a statement released and signed by the state chairman of the organization Pastor Benson Akinwumi, he said,
“We refer to the recommendations received from the youth representatives of YYC in Ondo east and west federal constituency about the good works of Hon. Abiola Makinde 
We want to commend his goodwill towards the people as well as wishing him good success in his aspirations”
Referring to the question as to whether YYC as endorsed his candidature in the forth coming election…
“The answer is No, But we strongly recommend him.
YYC is a non partisan body representing the interest of all Yoruba youths wherever they may be and irrespective of their political affiliations.  So it will be very myopic and biased on our part given our reputation to declare support for a particular party in any election whatsoever not minding the interest of other youths whose interest is also our responsibility to defend.
We are very convinced that Hon. Abiola Makinde has the Goodwill to serve and we as an organization the best we can do and which we have always been doing is to recommend him as an individual based on his good deeds and then allow our youths to make their choice so as to ensure that they exercise their franchise without any intimidation, but not to outrightly endorse any party.”

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