Nigeria: My Fantastically Corrupt Country By Adeyemi Muhammed Adekunle | The Precision


Am I  corrupt? A question every Nigerian need to ask his/her self. If you take a look back to the regime of Obasanjo, Buhari-Idiagbon, Babangida and the likes, corruption is the basis of the problems Nigeria is facing today. All the Ministries, Government parastatals, political offices and even the Judiciary are fantastically corrupt. This is the only country you get to know that judiciary is not the last hope of a common man like it is in the developed countries. In a situation whereby Judges are demanding for gifts before he gives his judgement.


Politicians are looting trillions of naira which is meant for the citizens. This is Nigeria where an extremely corrupt leader who use millions of naira to import grasses for his cows will be fighting against corruption exposing the opposition who are corrupt but harbor his political party members who are extremely corrupt, What a movement against corruption!
Education is nothing to write about, in a situation where a candidate with an excellent O’level result and JAMB result would be denied of admission meanwhile, their own children who can’t even write their names correctly will be the first on merit list but when Donald Trump said “ I don’t know why most Africans still go to school.” People started criticising him, saying he’s racial meanwhile, what he said was true. I want you to make a careful observation about Nigeria’s education system, you will agree with me that “Education is the biggest scam ever yet we stick to it.”
Election story is the worst, politicians in power will impose their own candidate on the people, What a democrazy! With this I will go with the quote of a Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin that says “ people that vote doesn’t determine anything in the election, it’s the people that counts the vote that determine all.” Quite sad! Isn’t it? But this is exactly what happens when it comes to Nigeria’s politics.
Police (SARS) is another story entirely, in a situation whereby Special Anti-Robbery Squad will stop you on the road, abuse your human right, invade your privacy, walk you to the ATM machine, What is that? SARS that are suppose to protect us as citizens of this country are the ones who invade our privacy and extort us for cash, What a shame on Nigerian Police Force.
At times, when I think about this country and how the people we call our leaders both political and religious are fantastically corrupt, I always tell people that Nigeria can’t be better in this our own generation because it’s like they have made this corruption a trend that everyone has to follow. Hey! Have you ever been cheated in this country to the extent that you start blaming your parents for being a citizen of this country. 
Sadly, with pains in my heart and more or less regretting being a Nigerian, I write to Nigerians that, “Nigeria cannot experience a better transformation until  the son of nobody in this country can become somebody without knowing anybody in this country.”

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